Holdfire Network is nearing completion.

After having put the redesign for Holdfire Network on the backburner, I have brought it back alive and on the highest flame possible. I’ve got nearly all coding aspect of the design complete, and I just have some finishing touches to make on the shared/reseller pages, as well as updating the About section, and getting a promotional graphic up for the main index, since it’ll be Holdfire’s one year anniversary in 12 days 🙂 I’m so happy that it’s lasted this long.

In other news, I’ve been working more on this site than I have in the past year (at least it feels that way.) This new theme isn’t 100% made by me, but rather a tweaked version of Kino and Hemingway Bright (credits in the footer.) I also added some more plugins to enhance the performance and overall navigation of the website, so that I didn’t have to create templates for each page and subpage; If you’re curious about what plugin does what, feel free to leave a comment about it or check out the plugins page to read through the list of what’s used here.

Tomorrow I’m also getting my hair dyed; About time too since it’s been almost an entire year since I last had my hair done. It’s really obvious too, at least to me, since the black is fading out and you can see a light brown under it. It’s not too bad, since it looks two-tone, but I have to see me every day so I’d at least like one thing to look attractive on me if I can’t have the whole package 🙂

Time to finish getting ready for work though, and hopefully when I get home later on tonight, I can conquer that sonofabitch wireless network, so I can be online 24/7–or not. But I’d like to access the internet in my room, on my computer, as opposed to having to use my dad’s laptop (which is nice: windows xp, 17″ widescreen, 1GB memory, 80GB hd).

Oh yeah, for those of you that were interested in trying out payperpost, if you want to refer me, that’d be fantastic. My e-mail for there is j.miskowicz at holdfire dot net.

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