Houston, here I come!

Well, I’m finally going to announce it, since I’ve kept it quite private. In one week I am moving to Houston, Texas! I finally decided to take some action against my current living situation. Chris and I get along when we don’t live together, and since I had moved back into the apartment in March, things just went downhill. It’ll be alot better for me, because now I have a chance to start anew, and meet alot of great people.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a great thing for me and I’m really looking forward to it. Hell, I don’t even mind that I’m going to be driving for fifteen hours. Rem helped me out with some directions to get there.

Louisville > Nashville > Memphis > Little Rock > Texarkana > Huntsville > Houston

That’s going to be the route I’ll be taking to get there. I’ll end up taking very little of my belongings with. Mainly my clothes, computer, and xbox. Dad is going to drive down from Chicago to get the rest of my stuff and will drive it back home until I move into my apartment. I’m hoping that my little sister Morgan, ends up coming with dad, and goes on the drive with me to Houston. It’s been a year since I’ve seen her, and we could really use the time for a nice drive and to get back into talking. We really lost contact.

My only worry right now is my job situation. I have to call the Texas stores tomorrow when I get all of the stores locations that would be best for me, and hopefully they’ve got some full-time or part-time spots open. Worst case scenario (which would suck honestly, as I love Best Buy) is that I’d have to work elsewhere, but BB is a top retailer, places like Circuit City, CompUSA and others would love to hire me–at least I hope so!


  1. oh, wow… Houston.

    I wish I could move. I hate it here. Hopefully I can leave at the end of the year.

    Good luck with everything, especially the move and finding a new job. 🙂

  2. Good luck with moving and getting a job! I know it can be a complete drag since I’m doing exactly the same right now :/

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