I caved in and changed things up.

Thank the new theme from smackfoo.com and 5thirtyone.com for it, since I was too lazy to try to create my own. Well not so much lazy but I’ve been busy with a few designs for clients that I didn’t have much time to share. ‘Tis really pretty so I did minimal editing. Eventually I’ll tire of the colors and change them, but for now it’s going good.

IE users beware, there might be some issues with the css positioning (especially in the footer). I also think there’s an issue with width for anyone that’ll be using 800×600 or lower. So far everything looks fine in FF though, so I think it’s good to go. Comment if you find any errors and you know how to fix them, any help is appreciated 🙂

Things are looking good right now. My grandma sent me a letter that made me feel really guilty for having put off talking to her for the past few months. She also slipped in some money for me, so that’ll definitely help me out for awhile since I’m still on the hunt to replace Best Buy.

I think I might cave in and buy a new Seagate drive so I can put linux on it. I’m not even sure if I want it to have Ubuntu, because I’ve kind of had an eye on SUSE Linux desktop edition. *drools* I don’t know though, we’ll see. I might try to get Rem to download all of my programs and burn them to my dvds, and I might just reformat my computer and put it on there, and just run Windows and whatever else in VMware. Though I’ll have to back up my new files to dvds, and use my old disk in the enclosure to transfer back over old photos, music, and website files.


  1. Well in IE the image wich looks like it should be in the upper left corner, is actualy over quite a bit. Asides from that it looks good, and I realy like the colors

  2. Well this is a very pretty theme and anything which requires minimal editing has to be good! Glad things are looking up for you and you got mail that wasn’t a bill (like all my mail is at the mo!). Good luck on the job hunt 🙂

  3. Hey Jordan! The site looks good in IE and FF. I’m lovin’ the layout. My site should be up in a couple more days. I’ve been real busy getting ready for school.
    I’m actually getting my laptop this weekend. I wonder what’s the best thing out right now…? I know what I want in general. Let’s just hope I end up with a decent one. Talk to ya laterr!

  4. Love the new layout Jordan! Wish I knew more about Linux or Ubuntu, they sound cool. I considered trying to load them onto my second drive but just feel like I’d be getting in over my head. 😉
    I had a look at your site in IE (even though I use FF) to see what kind of issues you were talking about. I noticed that your right column was floating below the left & center columns. I played with the css and if you change 2 values in your #bottomwrap: padding-left: 1%; width: 100em; everything should line up properly.

  5. New theme looks good! i love the colours together 🙂 I don’t see any errors in either Firfox or IE.

    It’s always good to get some money from family members! wish my family did that, lol

  6. Jordan!!! I love the colors, this layout looks great. Hopefully things go well with best buy & the whole… linux thing.. haha.

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    Hay you! Things with Best Buy are pretty much over *cries* but I mean, I’m just trying to look for employment after it, I miss it so much. But in a few months I’ll go ahead and go back with BB, just right now.. : Linux, you should try it.

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    Hey, yeah I got the issue fixed, Kaspar helped me out with it and got it fixed!

  8. I like this look. The colors are pretty too. Hmmm, I guess everyone has Fire Fox. I have IE and I barely have problems with it but all my friends hate it. I don’t know… xD

  9. Ohh I like your new layout, especially the colors 😀 That’s sweet of your grandma to send you money… I hope you’ll talk to her soon or I guess you already did *ahehe* About the technical stuff – I so don’t have a clue what you’re talking about – so goodluck with that!

  10. hey it takes a long time to load if its your first time visiting the site it took 3 minutes for me which is alot for me but then again im using dialup so.

    well anyways love the site keep up the good work!

  11. [Comment ID #795 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You might want to check your service, because I use dialup at night (my dsl crashes, interference, blah bah blah) at about 40Kbps, and it loads in seconds. Even when it’s around 20kbps, it loads in seconds.

    Sounds like you’ve got something interferring with your connection when you viewed it, or the browser you’re using isn’t connecting to the website first, but trying to load other files (or something) first.

  12. Looks good. 🙂

    You can improve load times by enabling the WP cache, as this theme hit’s the DB a bit. There’s more info on my site.

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