I couldn’t be more happy.

Well, since my last post about work things are definitely looking up. Saturday I went into work for my 6-12pm shift, and the night prior had been up late, so I got very little sleep. At work we were pretty dead until about 7:30am and after that we were nice and busy. 11:20am rolls around and Angelica calls to say she got a flat tire, which left me in a grumpy state–Only because I wanted to leave at 11:30am. She ends up getting in a little after noon, but by then I was even more pissed off. Another coworker was supposed to be in at noon, and wasn’t in yet. I decided to give him a call since he wasn’t originally scheduled but rather had been penciled (literally) in to work that 12-5pm shift. Left him a voicemail, and the around 12:15pm I had the other kid working with me call his house. Found out that he never even knew about this shift, and wouldn’t be able to cover it anyway.

So commence commotion and me infuriated at how the MIT can be so incompetent. About 40 minutes later, and calling the TP store a few times, we managed to find someone from there that will cover from 1:15-5pm. But I wasn’t satisfied. The fact that the MIT allowed this to happen, and didn’t even volunteer to come in to cover HIS mistake, pissed me off. Add on him scheduling Angelica to work 11:30-9:30pm that Saturday and 11:30-8:30pm on Sunday was added fuel. So I ended up giving the district manager a call to let him know about what was going on and whatnot.

I also left him a new letter about the schedule for two weeks from now. He’s got me doing two opens and a mid, with 19 hours total. An improvement from 5.5hours, but maybe I’m just being bitchy about that. I asked if I could have some closes as well, since I don’t like fucking opening.

Anyway, last night was an amazing night. Went over to Mark’s house to bring him the chocolate chip cookies I made and to hang out. Watched some Cartoon Network and got to watch the new episode for Aqua Teen Hunger Force (and holy crap it was hilarious), and after that we put on Waiting and Super Troopers. I love ST more then anything else in the world. I’ve seen that movie more then I can count, yet every time I watch it, it’s like I’ve never seen it before. The best was that Mark and I kept quoting it :] haha.

Well, needless to say I’m exhausted, and I’ve got to leave to pick up my ‘lil sister from school. Then I work at TP from 6:15-10:30pm. It’s such a hard shift, I just may pass out. /end sarcasm