I detest money.

I’ve been spending more money then I’d like to right now. My money right now, is mainly going towards paying for my car’s transmission I had fixed not too long ago. But in-between I’ve need bras, undies, socks, jeans, and a few other necessities that I ended up buying for myself. Granted, a few things I didn’t need but for the most part, everything I got I use nearly ever day. But I still can’t help but feel ridiculously guilty about it. Oh well, I guess that’s how it goes.

Other then working straight for the past seven days, I haven’t been up to too much lately. I’ve been working behind the scenes for Holdfire Network as well as my other Chicago Hardcore project, which I kind of only messed around for a few days, but will be working on more tonight, pending I don’t go out with Mark (and I hope I don’t get stuck working on it :).

I’ve also been getting together odds and ends of mine, mainly clothes, to put on ebay as I don’t need them. I know for a fact that I can get rid of them on ebay. I’m also looking into starting up a Sticker/Decal website. Possibly printing stickers for bands/etc, and creating decals on an order basis, and putting some up one bay. It’s definitely a great business to look into, and I think it’d be fun, so that’s one thing I’m highly considering. Looking into getting a Xyron 900 to tinker with and to get started with small projects. We’ll see how this goes!


  1. This is definitely the worst time of year to think about money. With all of this holiday shopping, I’m probably going to spend $100 easily. Half of that will be on my boyfriend. :S

  2. I know what you mean about the money. Even though sometimes I get this urge and spend money in useless things, it’s not often. TG! But it happens. I’m probably spending $200 on Xmas shopping and that’s not even cool. That money was for my Nintendo Wii… I guess I’ll just have to wait longer for it 🙁

  3. Yikes! I hate it when I spend more money than what I actually have or whatever. LOL I do it often though.

    eBay…gotta love it lmfao…that place is awesome

  4. Yeah, I always feel guilty when I spend more than I should. But hey, neccesities are neccesities.. XD. Gotta buy them!

    eBay.. I don’t really like eBay that much. You never know if the seller/buyer can be trusted..

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