I get so bored online sometimes.

Lately I’ve been really bored when I’m online. I end up checking my RSS feeds a couple of times a day to see if the few I’ve got livemarked, have updated the hour after I first checked. There’s even been a few times when I’ve went ahead and just searched random things on wikipedia for the soul fact of being entertained (or more like being nerdy.)

So the other day I came across the Aviva Trivia Blog which updates every couple of days with random trivia posts. I’ve added the website to my RSS feed so that I know when there’s something new that was added. Unfortunately for me I can only feel like I’ve been entertained every two days–and what do you know, today is the day to expect something since the last post was on the 24th.

Even if it’ll provide a minute of entertain, I still check it since I can never come up with something I want to look up on wikipedia. Figured if I’m going to read something, someone else will do the job of finding it for me.


  1. Usually when I’ve got nothing to do online I’ll end up researching random things. Wikepedia is one of the sources I tend to come a crossed a lot. I think it’s cool to learn something new that you probably wouldn’t have learned normally.

  2. I’ve been bored with the internet lately as well, I too find myself looking up the most random things on Wikipedia my most recent look up was the history of chocolate and hamburgers haha. I dont believe I have ever heard of, Aviva Trivia Blog but it does seem rather interesting thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I understand it can be quite boring just sitting in front of the computer, but now it’s getting cold and I don’t really want to go out. 🙂 I like wikipedia, and yes I do look up totally random stuff up there, sometimes it’s fun and it kills a lot of time.

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