i really hate cockroaches

We might’ve found a house to move into soon. It’s out in the Heights area, has three bedrooms but one bathroom (I figured it can’t be too hard to deal with since my family had a 3b 1br for the longeset time until my dad remodeled it), and a fenced in backyard. The guy wants $800 a month for it, and to move in wants the first and last months rent.

Cassie doesn’t know if the place comes with appliances, but I really hope it does, because I’d be interested in it–very interested in it, since I’m dying to get back into my own place. It’s so hard trying to hang out with someone when all you can really do is drive around and find something else to do. I like being able to have people over at my house, so they don’t have to find somewhere to hang out, and so we can just do random shit for free, as opposed to paying for random shit.

Well, I also registered for school. Though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make the Aug-Dec semester or not. I’d really love to, but I might just wait until January, even though I really want to go back now. I applied at a community college, since I felt that it would be financially better for me to do that. I guess I’m still going to stick with Computer and Information Science Technology which would earn me an associate’s in Applied Science. I’m not going to go full-time, but rather part-time. Maybe take 3-5 credit hours worth. Hopefully I can manage English, Math, and a Elective (IT). Gotta call up the college to get more information on what i need to do, and if it’s still possible to get registered and ready for this semester. I’m kind of nervous about it–I haven’t been in school since early 2004. It’s been awhile for me :


  1. I hope the house comes with functional apartments as well.
    We only had 1 br 3 beds in our home until we remodeled-wasnt too bad but as I grew older having 3 females in the house 1 male and 1 bathroom got hectic.
    hosting at home is alot nicer than going out-especially with prices today X(
    good luck with school ^^ whichever semster you decide to go in!

  2. Aww, I hope it comes with applicances too. I’m looking to move into a place in December. Its only a one bedroom sublet apartment until the summer of 2007, and its $460, but thats in downtown Pittsburgh, PA too.

    And its fully furnished, even comes with a 42″ plasma screen. OH MY GOD IM GOING TO BE IN HEAVEN. haha

  3. “and so we can just do random shit for free, as opposed to paying for random shit.” Oh, so true. All the random shit that I’ve had to pay for has lead me deadbroke.

    Good luck with the new house! The deal sounds pretty good to me? But then again I’m clueless about buying/owning houses. ANDDDDD. Good luck with the college! Hope you do well! =)

  4. Hopefully you can get in to school this semester 🙂
    It’ll be fine.

    The house sounds nice!

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