I suck with updates, again.

No matter how many times I tell myself to update this site I can never remember to do so. Except now I have a harpie forcing me to–right Rem?

Most of last night and today has been spent trying to transfer holdfire over from my the network redux server, to dreamhost’s server. After we transferred it over and dns propagated, we ran into an issue with my whmcs script. After getting the license pointed over to the new IP and subdomain, we ran into another buttfuck of a situation. Essentially it ended in me and Rem deciding on getting a refund from dreamhost (I’m hosting the main account off of the main server where my clients are hosted) and am now moving it back to network redux. Currently waiting for the dns to prop. back to that, and then I will begin changing my client’s nameservers to reflect the new server.

Fun, eh? Other then that I haven’t been up to too much lately. Just working a bunch, and coming home and taking care of whatever needs to be taken care of at the moment. Tonight I decided to eat “real” food. After surfing the web for pasta salad recipes, I finally came across one I enjoyed, Antipasto Pasta Salad.

It was AMAZING. Though if I do make it again, I am going to not add in the olive oil and balsamic vinegarette. It made it feel too “thick.”

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