I think I hallucinated this…

This morning I was jolted awake by my phone ringing. I look at the caller id and see “Chris” calling me. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or not, and I debated on answering the call or letting voicemail pick it up. I’m sure I picked it up JUST before VM would’ve kicked on, but then I said “Hello?” and I hear Chris talking. He was telling me that he got my myspace message (because that’s literally the only way to get ahold of this kid, he never answers his phone, and sending postal mail would never work) and asked if I was coming out to Louisville this weekend. I told him no, that I’d be out there this week or weekend, and asked him why. Told me that he was in New Jersey because his grandma’s boyfriend died (which I felt bad for not even saying anything about it, but it didn’t seem right to even try to be somber with him, I always get angry now.)

So he tried to make small talk but I was slightly bitter and grumpy on the phone. I tried to remain civil but I did make one SORT of snappy comment. I told him all of the stuff of my mine that I left there that I’m picking up, and he mentioned paying me $50 back instead of the $100 and I told him that if he can’t pay me for the full $100 that I’m just going to take the cable modem and wireless nic card back instead. I don’t think he was really happy with me saying that.

Now all I do is just wait until I’m up in Louisville and we’ll see what happens with it. I know he mentioned that if I go over there when he’s not there, that Ian will not let me in. I don’t see what picking up my belongings has to do with wanting to even step foot into the disaster of an apartment. So I told him that he needs to just have all of my stuff in a box or whatever, that way if I have to go over there while Chris is not there, Ian or whomever is there at the moment can easily give me my shit with no problems whatsoever.


  1. First of all i think i would’ve died if i just woke up like that, lol i hate alarming things ringing in my ear..that’s one great way to give me a heat attack haha!
    It bugs me when people are like that..never answering the phone or writing back to letters..I get really annoyed..what if there’s a huge emergency you know? Lol..sorry i get abit carried away.
    Much love Evan!

  2. Nice way to wake up. NOT! I hate it when the phones wakes me up. I love when people try to negoiate how much they owe you. What’s up with that? He owes you $100, then he pays you $100. Pretty simple really. And he could’ve been a nice guy and had your stuff ready so that he didn’t need to be there for you to get your things. Men are stupid. hahaha

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