I think I’m pretty awesome

I think I might get back into web design. It’s been so long since it’s been a passionate hobby of mine. I miss having the clients, deadlines, and being proud of my work being seen by others. So I’ve set myself a goal. I’m going to be contacting the local business in the area that have website, and ask if they would like to have it designed (for free) so that I can build up my portfolio again.

I’m not sure if it’ll have a purpose (the portfolio, that is) but I really want to work on a site that’s not something I own. Right now I have three prospective websites, and of those three I’ve already contacted one. It’s been two days since I e-mailed them, so I might send a follow e-mail tomorrow.

In other news, it snowed last night. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely dislike snow? Well, now you know. I loathe snow, and we definitely got about 4″ or so inches of it last night, and through the morning. If you want to see a video from weather.com, check out their video on demand, Today’s Worst Weather: Ice and snow tough on travelers.

Despite hating snow, I love severe weather, so in essence I do love that it snowed. Just don’t tell anyone 😐


  1. hello Jordan..
    wee… have plan to back in webdesign world? nice… ill be expecting it, since i know you are one of the most potential webdesigner out there… and about snow… actually i want to feel snow here, since i live in tropical country… there sint any snow here… only 2 plain seasons (rain and hot) how about exchanging place? lol..

  2. Oh, that would be a very interesting project to take up again. It’s always nice though when you’re interested in it. Hope you’re able to build up your portfolio again. I’m sure there are many people that would be happy to have your services for free. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    I’ve always loved snow, we got about… hm, 9 inches maybe over the last 2 days? I understand why you can hate it though. Driving through snow can be a bitch. And it’s gross when after a couple of days, it gets brown and dirty =/ I guess there’s always the negatives and benefits in every situation. Good luck with your new project.

  3. I’ve got some pretty tight deadlines this month (and typical, I get ill) ..you can have my work if you want? 😉

    I’d get to keep the money of course.. :p

  4. [Comment ID #2263 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ha! I’ll take a lovely pass 😉 I’ll save it for you to do, so you won’t blog about Britney Spear’s coochie ever again. Because we all know that if you can talk about coochies, you can be occupied by some work ;P

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