Louisvlle, KY be prepared

Tomorrow I leave around 10AM to head back out to Louisville for the week. Gonna hang out with some of my friends back home, and I’ll also be picking up my stuff from Chris’ apartment. About time too, considering I’ve been trying to get it for almost two months now! I’m really excited to visit though, and even though it’s an almost 16 hour drive, I don’t mind it.

I’ll be driving through Texas and Arkansas (better known to me as Arkan’s Ass) during the day, and Tennessee and Kentucky at night, which is quite easy to handle, since those two states are “quick” to get through. Ah, I feel like I’m going to forget something, but my suitcase is already packed and ready to go. I’ve got more then enough underwear to last me a month of not having to worry about wearing the same undies twice! Yeaaah.

In order news, tomorrow I’ll have my dedicated server set up and ready to go. I’m quite excited, because this is definitely a huge milemarker for me and Holdfire Network. I’m probably going to bring my pc with me so I can finish working on the design, but I’ve pretty much got all of the coding done. I just need to add the design section to it, and to add in some graphics, and I’ll be releasing it. I’m excited. Beyond. Excited.


  1. Ooo have fun on your roadtrip! I just got my license so I’m like going nuts to go on one of those things.

    AHH I live in Texas. LOL maybe I’ll see you driving around or something haha.

    ROFL omg hahah congrats on all the undies…yay same undies twice is not fun *yuck*

    Hooray on the server! I’ll have to come check it out when it’s completely done.

  2. wow that’s a long drive but what the heck, i know you’ll have a great road trip 😉 pictures maybe? 😀

    have fun with your friends in louisiana 🙂

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