Much needed update.

Work is questionable right now. I’m tired of feeling like my managers are trying to get rid of me, but how can I not feel like that when it’s partially true? I’m not a bad employee at all–it’s been the lies that have been coming out of my Senior’s mouth that is tarnishing my image.

Because I want to make sure I have a job, I started to apply to a couple of places. One of them being a cable tv and internet provider. It’ll be a full time Tech Support position that starts at $11.25/hour with benefits. A co-worker in my dept. also applied there so we’re both hoping to get the job.

Other then that, I’ve just been working. My car has been in the shop for almost three weeks now so I really haven’t been able to do too much lately and it’s frustrating. Hopefully my car is ready tomorrow, even though I won’t be able to get it (I work until after the place closes) so I’m off Tues/Weds so I’m shooting to have it by Tuesday!!


  1. That must suck about your work, people can be so bitchy. Well hope you get this new job you appiled for. I needa job.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your work situation. I hope you’re able to find a nice job far away from the morons. And yay for getting your car back. Sit in it for a while just so you can warm up to its glory :hehe:

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