My lack of a social life.

Over the weekend I didn’t have any plans, and that brought to my attention that I’m really going to lack a social life starting this week. With working both jobs during the day from 9am until about 9:30-10pm, I’m definitely not going to have the will or even strangth to want to go out and have fun with my friends. It’s kind of depressing to realize that most of my time during the week is literally at work (considernig that I’ve already put 44 hours of time into Caribou Coffee, and that’s was just this week sans Best Buy hours.)

But I think what got to me was the fact that I’m not twenty-one yet. Over the weekend an old “friend” turned 21, so everyone went out to some bars to celebrate. Obviously I didn’t go since I’m not of age to go, and I’m sure I wasn’t even really considered to go, but hey, that’s life. I just hate that on Saturday, after I got home from a long 14 hour work day, I was actually awake and energetic wanting to go out–but everyone was out at the bar, so that was out of the picture. Friday night they went out too, but I didn’t mind since I ended up passing out around 11pm from exhaustion.

The only good thing that’ll come out of me working so much is the money. I’ll be getting paid every week (one week Caribou, the next Best Buy) but that’ll only get me so far. I’ve debated whether or not to tell Sally that I only want to work two days a week at her store, that way I won’t have so many days of double shifts. Not only that but I’m starting to dislike working there. It’s so slow that all you can ever do is clean, and after you’ve cleaned, you clean over what you just cleaned. Not my idea of earning money, that’s for sure. And also the fact that she kind of told me that some of what I did is not what her store does. God forbid I make a full batch (4qts) of cooler mix, as opposed to having 2 half batches sitting in the fridge. It makes sense to have less containers with more mix, right? Apparently not. Not only that but eh, I just don’t want to work at that store much longer. I don’t know why, maybe last night was a bad night.

I’ve got to run in a few more minutes. Aside from working so much, I also spend 1:40pm-2:30pm dropping off my sister and three other kids from her school. They get out at 2pm, and around 2:10 we finally get out of the parking lot, then by 2:30pm they’re all dropped off. Whenever I work at the Tinley Park store, Nicolle stays with two of the three until my parents pick her up. And on days when I’m in Frankfort, I take her home since work is on the way.

Thought you were busy? Psh. Trying balancing a morning shift at one job, then picking up kids from school, then a night shift at another job. And also try to add in hanging out with friends, trying to get online to work on your hosting company, as well as other leisure time (from showering, to reading or watching tv.) *rips out hair*


  1. Hi I have googled “Lack of Social Life” as I am narrowing out my problems to address in my new Experiment “Walking out on Depression, Anxiety Disorder and Under Eye Circles” and found your page. I liked your entry and would like very much your input and comment on my journal page. Thus I can always click on your link and go check your newst blog as well.
    If you have tips on time management and healthy life style change let me know. Thanks

  2. I’m in the same boat as far as being a work a holic. My next day off is this coming up Sunday. That will be my first day off in 2 weeks and that was only because I asked off. UGH. I figure I might as well work because most of my friends don’t share the same schedules or they’re busy with their significant other. I made a point to tell the new boy toy not to make plans for Sunday because we’re doing something.

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