No yanky my wanky!

Things are not looking good with my Ford ZX2 right now. It’s still in the shop, and for awhile they didn’t know the exact issue (aside from the transmission.) Found out the other day that the total is going to be over $2,000 since another $350 is being added to the total to fix the computer. I find it ironic that my car will be getting a brand spankin’ new computer before I do, but no hard feelings. Hopefully this piece of ass car will finally decide to not fuck up for another few years… or months.

Aside from my car woes, I’ve been working like a maniac this month, and it’s just barely the third week in. My paycheck from Friday was pretty meager, considering I was lacking about 25 hours from the fuck up of the MIT. However next week’s paycheck is going to have 80+ (I think) hours on it, but it’s frustrating knowing that it’s all going towards my car getting fixed. But you know what, I’ll just have to deal with it, and move on.

In other news, I’m trying to wait for a full day off (where I’m not spending it laying in bed until 4pm and then going out for dinner and movies with Mark!) so I can work on Holdfire Network. I need to stop procrastinating on the new design, so I can just get it up and be done with it. Business is picking up, and it’s the time for a lot of my annual clients from last year to either renew or leave their packages to run out. I’m hoping that a majority (okay, maybe 45%) will renew and stay with me, as they’ve never encountered any major issues, aside from billing changes when I switched from ClientExec to WHMCS.

Yesterday as I was cleaning out my Hello Kitty wallet, I looked at the movie ticket stubs from recent:
– Jackass 2
– Employee Of the Month
– The Prestige
– Borat
– Stranger Than Fiction

Normally I’m not big on going to the movies. Those five movies right there, surpassed the amount of movies I went to in 2005. Honestly, I think I only went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last year. I was just too poor and busy with work to go to the movies. I like going every weekend though, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I feel like “old times” where a date is set to do the same thing every weekend as a bit of a “thing.” Who knows, I’m probably just retarded.

I miss living in Louisville a little bit. For awhile Kelly, Ian, Ashley, myself and sometimes Chris would go play bingo on Thursdays. We didn’t do it a lot, but the times we went I had such a blast. Then fast forward to when I wasn’t with Chris, and on Tuesdays we’d go bowling. I need to do that.