Pink eye?

Well, I woke up this morning with my right eye entirely shut from all of the dried up mucus. Go to the bathroom to see that my entire eye is red, still achey (it was hurting last night), and watery. Was scheduled for work today, so I didn’t want to call out, so I went in anyway. Was told that I needed to go back home, but I was able to stay for 30 minutes while the store was still closed, to make sure that Adam, my co-worker actually came in.

So here I am a couple of hours later, dreading the thought of waiting hours in at the doctor’s office. I have to run to the bank to get some cash out, because I have a $25 co-pay, but 100% of the rest is covered by my insurance (United Heatlhcare). Guess I should take a quick shower (my hair is nasty) and find a book to take with, because I foresee me being there for at least 2-3 hours. This is going to suck. -sigh-

I guess I should also take initiative and call around optomotrists to see who is taking new patients, and to get an appointment set up. I need to get my eyes checked out, and a new prescription for contacts; I’m on my last pair, and now that I have pink eye, my right contact is infected. So I need to buy more solution that will hopefully disinfect it. Who knows.

edit 5:20pm – I ended up going to Norton Immediate Care center around 1pm. Thought I was going to be stuck there forever, so I packed up my ipod to watch a movie there. I endedup waiting max of about 10 minutes.

The doctor confirmed that I had pink eye and also did a bacteria swab on my eye to make sure that it wasn’t anything else. She then gave me Zymar for the bacterial conjunctivitis so it wouldn’t spread to my other eye. Then she referred me to an opthomoligist, and was able to get me in today as well. So after NIC I went over to a Dr. Black’s office (Eye Associates I believe?) and she took a look at my eye as well.

Confirmed what I already knew, and agreed that the drops I was given will be excellent to help rid of the infection. Also tested my eye’s pressure to make sure it wasn’t anything else, and scheduled me to see her again on June 6th pending my eye is good to go. Now I have to check out with United Healthcare to see if my VSP will cover for their service and vice versa, because I could really use a new prescription and an order for contacts. I’m entirely out, and after today I’ve noticed that my eyesight has gotten a little worse. And to think I’m currently at -5.00 pres.

Time to go find my glasses. I had to throw away my [right] contact as well as my mascara and eyeliner, to prevent future infection. I can’t see with just one contact in, so I need to get to those glasses. Haven’t worn them in well over a year. Hopefulyl I can find them!


  1. Oh dear, I hope its not an infection. ergh.. That happened to me several times. And my eyes are ALWAYS red because of my contacts.

  2. Good luck with clearing up that pink eye. It’s always weird if you wake up and something seems a bit off. Oh! It’s because one of my eyes isn’t opening! Always a nice way to start a day, I think. Only 10 minutes?! At my doctor’s office, it’s almost definitely at least 1 to 1 and a half hours before you’ll get in to see the doctor. Most of the time, the people working the counters will just tell you to come back in an hour or so, because it’s not worth waiting at the office. Ridiculous.

  3. Well that just sucks. I hate pinkeye. I had it once and no one even wanted to get near me. I felt like I was a freak or something. So glad that is over with. Hope you get better.

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