Reeses are love!

Well, if you’re seeing this entry, that means that the DNS propagated (it did for me, thanks to Mark reminding about cmd > ipconfig /flushdns !) and you’re now viewing on my new server, Reeses. Yes, yes I know, what an awesome server name.

In other news, well, there really is no other news… o.O


  1. [Comment ID #2394 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Oh wow, that is the dumbest comment ever. It’s obvious you haven’t even bothered to read the entry. She was not referring to AtOurWorst, but to “Reeses” , Genius.

  2. when i read the email my first thought was PEANUTBUTTER CHOCOLATE! 😛 lol

    everything’s working perfectly jordan, thanks for all the hard work! YEY for reeses 😀 why the switch btw? are we giving you too much of a headache? 🙁

    ps: on the Caribou Coffee Provisions Rack picture, is that a reindeer?

  3. [Comment ID #2401 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well, the switch is because the server I was on before, I didn’t like that I was paying a certain amount for less, when I can pay the same, for more memory, a better processor, and bandwidth.

    It’s actually a Caribou (pretty much like a Reindeer!).

  4. Dammit and here I thought this entry was about reeses peanut butter cups or reeses pieces.

    Hmm, well I suppose it kinda is. Chocolate is just code word for DNS and propagating anyways since they both fall in to the aphrodisiac categ.. shutting up now.

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