Ringtones galore.

It’s 3:40am and while I should be sound asleep, I’ve been making ringtones for my phone, the Samsung SGH-D807. I’m so glad that I’m an intarweb nerd, because if I would’ve paid for the 16 MP3s I just made, I would’ve wasted away $39.84.

The other day my USB cable came in for the phone (damn OEM parts!) so I went and downloaded Samsung’s PC Stupio 3.0 for my model. Though up until today I haven’t really fiddled around with it too much, but needless to say that I now have all my camera phone pictures on my computer (some from June!) as well as video clips I had taken (that were essentially deleted upon realizing how useless they were.)

To make the MP3 clips, I downloaded MP3 Workshop XP 1.6, which is freeware and did the job perfectly. I had a few other programs like DataPilot Universal Kit (the UI sucked), and Xingtone Ringtone Maker (would’ve been perfect if I had web access!) but since I have no txt capabilities or intarwebs on the phone, I just stuck to seperate programs to sync and edit MP3s.

Today was a lazy day. Ended up watching tv/reading for a bit, and for the first time in months, I downloaded an obscene amount of albums. Bands ranged from Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Bane, A Wilhelm Scream, Damien Rice, to KT Tunstell, Terror and 80s dance music. I also need to remember to finish organizing my Music folder, because there’s been a lot of doubles and empty folders from when I transferred over files from the iPod to my computer using iDump.

Ps, I assure you that this post is not a paid post, despite all of the software drops and whatnot… I really did make ringtones tonight! 😛


  1. you could just d/l audacity and get a bluetooth adaptor for a few quid 😛 I can’t stand the sansung software, its awful! blue solei all the way!! 😉

  2. That’s cool that you made your own ringtones. I wish I could do that but I have not cell phone! haha… It broke a couple months back, and I’m OK without one right at the moment. But I miss it now and then. You like Godspeed You Black Emperor!? OMG, so do I! hehehe… that’s new one, not really since you like EINS too… later!

  3. @ Han
    The only Bluetooth device I have at the moment is my cell, otherwise I would’ve invested in the BT adapter. But the USB cable was cheaper, so really that’s the only reason why I went with it.

    I’m definitely going to check out audacity, and see what that’s all about. Thanks =)

    @ Musme, Definitely love GYBE, but I happen to love Explosions In The Sky A LOT more. I’m excited because they’ll be around here for a show in March. So excited!

  4. Gawd, all this product name dropping! Suurrre it ain’t a paid post. Uh-huh.

    I used to have this awesome non-cell phone (just a regular cordless phone) with ringtones. I managed to figure out how to compse the zelda theme song, the x-men theme song, and the super mario theme song. I loved it when people called. I didn’t want to answer the phone!!!

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