Sleeping over the alarm sucks.

I’d like to say that I’m pretty sane and lacking any kind of mental illnesses, but I have come to the conclusion that I have an obsessive compulsive disorder with alarm clocks. Every night before I go to sleep, I will set three alarm clocks for the same time. You know, in case one doesn’t go off, two others are there for backup. Or in case I didn’t turn one or two of them on.

Not only that but the process of how I go about setting the alarm. I’ll set the time, then turn the alarm on/off several times to ensure I have it for set for the AM time and that it’s on, and will work. One alarm clock is by my computer, another is by my bed, and the last one is my cell phone.

After this morning I just sat there thinking “Wow, I have an issue with alarm clocks. I am definitely OCD.” But I don’t really mind this, because I’d rather not fuck up my alarm and NOT wake up–oh wait, like this morning.

I didn’t go through that process last night for some reason (first time ever) and had only set my alarm clock on my cellphone. I checked, double-checked and triple checked it. When I woke up, I shot out of bed, looked at the clock by my computer, and saw that it was 10:05am. I was supposed to be at work at 9:45am. So I panic, and fumble with my cellphone trying to call work, while trying not to sound like I’m about to cry. Told the opening MOD I slept through my alarm, and would be into work asap.

Generally I don’t worry about getting written up becuase in most jobs–I never do. But twice in February while I was carless, I had gotten written up, so that meant anything else past that would result in me being terminated. Well, I get to work and I’m stressing out, hands shaking, waiting to get canned. It never came, and apparently I was off the hook.

Moral of the story:  It’s okay to be OCD with checking the alarm clocks 10 or more times to see that they’re set for the correct time, and hopefully will turn on.


  1. FIRST! Hell yeah.
    Wow, what an experience. Once you think you’re kind of crazy, and one night you don’t follow through with your OCD, you’re proven that in a way you really are crazy. Perhaps you just need them nice and loud–the alarms that is–for you to wake up. But sometimes cell phones are hardly reliable!

  2. I’ve got OCD and I’ve had since childhood. It really bites because almost every hour of every day I feel anxious about something little. OMG. I use my cellphone as an alarm clock plus I use my digital clock. My cellphone can set up three alarm times and so my cellphone would be ringing endlessly at 4:30 A.m. I have the tendency of wanting to wake up really early because I get anxious whenever I don’t up early enough. I check my alarm thousands of times before I go to bed until it feels “okay”.

  3. Alarm clocks.. the bane of my existance. I hate them, because no matter how comfortable you get.. there is inevitably that one day where they don’t work, through their own mechanical error or human.

    I think the only time I even come close to ocd about setting it, is around exams.. always paranoid about sleeping through that. Work.. admittedly, doesn’t stress me out.

    Probably not the best outlook.. but, oh well. =P

  4. Well,well I guess you’re just like me,except I’m far worse,because I have 5 alarm clocks and none can wake me up,it often has to be my sister singing before I can wake up (god,her singing is terrible!)
    I hate alarm clocks, and I’m sure of that because I threw a lot of my past ones when they went off because they were too noisy,the probable time my alarm clocks work in getting me up is only when there’s exams or something major.
    Oh well.XD

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