So much to do still!

When I removed the old wordpress, I also forgot to save the pages. Since I didn’t do that I have to re-do all of the pages as well, but maybe this is a good thing. However, I did manage to get the “about” page finished.

Not only that but things will be slightly more organized then it was on the previous site. I changed around the permalinks, added better plug-ins, and I am also making sure the site remains as slim as possible.

Pages left to add:

  • Domain
  • Links
  • Hosting
  • Contact

Awesome new plug-ins:

  • Comment Quote
  • Recent Comments Posted
  • Music/Mood/TV (website)

On another note, the auto-bio that is currently up is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever written. I’m going to do it again tomorrow when I don’t feel as if though my head is going to explode.

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