Take Lots with Alcohol

I shouldn’t even be up right now since I’ve got work tomorrow at 10:30am (or was it.. 10?) until 3:30pm. Though I’ve been having problems getting to sleep at a decent hour. Chalk it up to actually working on my site lately. But yes, you read right, I work tomorrow on Thanksgiving. It’s not too bad, considering we close at 3pm. I have a feeling that it’s going to be deadly slow tomorrow, considering our store has slow times of 12-3pm on non-holidays. The main reason for taking up the shift was because I wanted to get some time and a half, as well as some time away from my nutty family.

Don’t get me wrong, I like that I’m home for the holiday, but… damn the thought of having to deal with some family I don’t like, drives me batty. I know that as soon as I get home I’ll hear the “We missed you, mija” and various other statements. I’ll get stuck up there talking about why I left Houston the way I did, and what I’ve been up to since I last saw them. Hopefully I can sneak away after a while to talk to Mark, since he said he’d end up being upstairs most of the day.

Oh wait, you didn’t think I’d go one entry without mentioning him? Pfft, you must be crazy.

So I won’t bore you with the awesome details about my feelings, I’ll just list some site updates. I ended up finding a few new plug-ins that I’m now using at the site. If you look at the sidebar, you’ll notice I added a “Highlighted events” portion, which essentially, is just for my own knowledge. I’m just using it for my work schedule. Though it’s not available through subpages, I also added a Now Reading Library. I’ve only added a fraction of books I’ve read, and I’ve yet to add reviews and other minute details to it, but feel free to see what my reading habit looks like thus far. Rest assured I don’t have any hidden obsessions with tweeny gossip novels! 😛


  1. Working on Holidays aren’t that bad cause it’s usually so empty and it makes the day easy, albiet boring probably, lol – I know what you mean about being with family and having to hear all those annoying “awww how are you?? what have you been up to?? you’re getting soo much older??” blah blah blah… luckily I’ll just be staying home with my immediate family today. Have a good holiday though! 🙂

    Hmm… I gotta get some of these cool plugins you have going on for myself.

  2. oh man…. i spent part of tonight with my family and my god….. nuts i tell ya.
    i was glancing at your now reading library and i noticed that you’ve read or are going to read lovely bones. i’ve read that book and it’s amazing. sad, but amazing……

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