Texas, here I come.

In June I’m going to be taking a week long (hopefully!) vacation to Texas. I’m going to visit my grandparents and favorite cousin, as well as attend the AMD and Microsoft Tech Tour with a friend, Rem. It’s going to be fantastic, that’s for sure. Need to get a vacation, and I definitely needed to see my family.

I’m planning on saving about $50-75 from each paycheck, up until when I leave, so I can have money for gas, splurging and the desktop package that AMD is offering up for sale (for alot cheaper then getting each piece seperately!).
I also decided to start saving for my own macbook pro (2.0ghz.) I won’t start saving until after I come back from the vacation. I’ll save $100-150 from every paycheck. I figured it’ll take me at least 25 payperiods to get it, along with the 3 year PSP from work. I’m actually kind of excited, because I think I can stick with it, pending I don’t come across any kind of financial issues. This is also because I plan on acquring a second job with Insight.

Also I decided to save, since I saw that I’ve spent $1,100 at Best Buy since October, and I’ve SAVED $700, so imagine if I didn’t have a discount. Eeps!

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  1. I’m always saving half my paychecks in a seperate bank account that’s hands-off! So far its been steadily for my school fees so my parents don’t have to support me 🙂

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