Today is my best friend Amy’s 22nd birthday, and to celebrate a bunch of us are heading downtown to McFaddens. Even though the attire is casual, I was given the strict directions of not being able to wear a hoodie, t-shirt and jeans–That I must wear something girly and cute. Normally I’d scoff at such a thing and still wear my usual “fump” wear, but I actually went out yesterday and bought an outfit. I’m feeling buyer’s remorse, but I know I can’t return these items to get money back; They’re mine now!

I bought a pair of Apple Bottoms, turqoise halter top, a pair of black boots, a small black shrug jacket, some silver bangles, and a silver star ring. All of that was about $70, much thanks to Amy for letting me use her discount for all of the above.

Other than that, I really haven’t been up to too much lately. I’ve been having some issues with Best Buy that’s really discouraged me, so I’ve only gone in one day to work this week. Hopefully I can have a talk with my supervisor to get a schedule arranged, and to get my situation fixed, so that I no longer feel that my problem is being pushed aside and ignored for a later date.

Oh, how could I absolutely forget this little golden nugget. I got a speeding ticket yesterday, and I am beyond pissed. I was taking my sister, and three other kids home from school when I got pulled over in Tinley Park while I was turning to go southbound on 80th avenue. The cop claims I was going 50 in a 30, when I knew I was going 35 or slower, since I thought the speed limit was 25 mph. So then he tells me that he’ll give me the ticket for going 40 in a 30. While he’s writing up my ticket I realize that not once did my radar go off, not ONCE. Because I pay attention to it, and I make sure that if it picks up on K[A] band, I make sure to pay attention.

I was also curious as to why he felt like he was letting me off the hook by changing the speed I was apparently going. I wasn’t going to contest it since I honestly thought my license was suspended, so I didn’t want to piss him off and have him change his mind in case he was letting me off the hook for it being suspended. Either way I’ve got a $75-$135 ticket to pay. $75 if I plead guilty and take the point on my license (ha, like that point is going to put a dent in how awful it is already) or pay $135 with no point on my license, but I plead guilty and go to traffic safety school. According to Amy I apparently won’t get approved for the school, so I might as well just take the point and pay the lesser amount since my record will be cleared in May when I turn 21.

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