The Consolation Prizefighter

How work was today, is how I wish it to be every day. It was busy, and the customers were amazingly friendly. I was with one customer, Jerry, for almost an hour, talking to him about laptops and everything else related. He had never owned a computer before, was a 52 y/o disabled war veteran. He was just so happy with my helping him, and talking to him about the little things people take forgranted, and was so appreciative. At one point when I was walking towards the software section to grab him a Texas Hold’Em Game, I felt like I wanted to cry a little bit because he was so happy by my simple act of kindness.

The “customer service” aspect of it was long gone. I just wanted to get him what he needed, and for him to enjoy every second of it. It’s customers like Jerry, that actually make me love my job. I truly hope that in a couple of months, after his hip surgery on Wednesday (he was very outgoing ;)) he’ll still remember me and his promise to stop in to see me and sign up for Insight Cable Internet and In-Home Networking from Geek Squad. More so just to remember my name, and how I helped him out. He also wished me to have the best weekend and to have a Happy Mother’s Day. Told him I’m only twenty and too young to have children, to which he retorted that he had two by the time he was eighteen.

I still hope to hear back from Charter. If not, then I’ll put in my JOS application for Geek Squad City at the end of this week. I really don’t want to work a second job, but the extra money will really help me out with bills, rent, and being able to save it for future needs (vacations, moving, splurging.) Time go to take a nap, I’m exhausted.


  1. Awww… That so cool talking to someone like that and really getting involved with it. That’s good and rare customer service!

    Good luck with the applications to charter and geek squad!

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