The Truth About Heaven

Work has been work. I don’t know why I’m not satisfied with it anymore. I think it’s the fact that I work alot, do alot for the company, and I get paid balls. I’ve been looking around our JOS system and noticed that they’re going to be building a new service center through Geek Squad, called Geek Squad City.

Apparently it’s going to be the main service center for the store (Best Buy).They’re doing an ungodly amount of hiring and I think I might actually go for it. But that won’t be until July’ish when it opens (I assume) because the last day to turn in JOS applications is June 24th I believe. For the time being I’m going to try to apply to work full time at Insight for Tech Support, and if I get that job, try JOS’ing into Geek Squad to go Counter Ops. That way I get a hang out the entire GS system and whatnot.

Either way I definitely want to stay with Best Buy/Geek Squad just becuase I honestly love working for this company, and want to stay with them.It also helps out for the future because it’ll make moving easier, since I’d be able to transfer into another Best Buy. Whereas most places are not going to have Insight to transfer into. Not only that but if I go ahead with the Counter Ops position, I’ll have Mobile/PCHO/Geek Squad as departments I’ve worked in and am knowledgable in.

Holdfire has been doing pretty good. I need to promote more of it to generate more business, but for now it’s done pretty good. The server move went well, thanks to Rem helping out with alot of it. If it weren’t for him, I’d still be overpaying for my services, and not really making much from the job. Thanks again Rem 🙂


  1. Good luck with the job interviews and everything. There’s nothing worse than working your arse off for a job that pays bugger all and doesnt give you satisfaction anymore.

    sooo, I hope you get the new job and are happy with it! 🙂

  2. I say you should try to set up an interview with them, it sounds really nice! And I hope that you will get it, and get even more money 😉

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