Updates for the win

Well I’m in Houston now. It ended up being an extremely long drive due to my car breaking down in Hope, Arkansas around 10:30pm. Got in around 7:30pm on Friday and I have been out and about since then.

 I had my interview with the GM on Saturday and it went amazingly well. I got hired into #216 and will hopefully go back into PCHO (I HOPE!).

 There’s so much to talk about but I just don’t have the concentration right now. Tonight I ended up hanging out with Rem. Went to go see MI:3 and had some dinner at a queer taco place, I can’t remember the name. Needless to say, lots of fun was had and I can’t wait to have more… fun? ;d

 Time for sleep soon. 🙂 Ohhh, I also got a new phone. A Samsung D807. I love it.


  1. OMG, that’s sad. Your car broke down that late at night? Wow! Well, at least you still made it. I don’t like Samsung phones. =] Have fun!

  2. Ooh, break down. We had to push the car the last time ours did. Got a new one after that ehehe. Well, at least you still made it! =D
    And I still haven’t watched MI3, I must be soo deprived. =D Congrats on the new phone!

  3. Sucks that your car broke down. At least you got to you destination! 🙂
    I heard MI:3 was good. Not as good as the others though. That’s pretty much always the case with sequels though.

  4. you love rain? wow…I dont like rain but its the only way the world can keep going. But love the layout..its so pretty!

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