Valentine’s Day?

I received my schedule from work for next week. Shockingly I am actually scheduled OFF for V-Day. I was expecting to work close that night for some reason, but who knows, maybe they really don’t hate me that much. Though I did get my final write up today. That’s two write ups in one week, after almost six months of not getting one. I’m slightly pissed about it, but there’s nothing I could’ve done. My car is in the shop, and I depend on someone else for a ride. They should at least have some consideration for me, but.. that’s life.

Other then work I haven’t really been up to much lately. I’ve been trying to get Kelly to take care of her application for the apartment, but she’s been putting it off. I was under the impression she at least brought in an application and just needed to pay the fee, but according to the complex she hasn’t done so. I was expecting to go in on Saturday, pay the deposit and have an apartment to move into next week. Who knows if that’s going to be happening anymore. I’m about to say fuck it and move into a place by myself. Of course if I do that I’ll have to look into a second job. But I have found some really nice efficiency apartments downtown (Louisville).

Once I get moved in I really need to sit down and figure out what kind of money I still owe my credit card comanies (First Financial Bank, and Chase). I really want to give them some kind of payment so my credit doesn’t get that bad, but it’s close to it right now. I’m sure it’s already too late :

I need to marry a rich man.