Wireless Networking is cake, right?

I like to consider myself to be competent with all things related to computers. Be it hardware, software or setting up a wireless network. Yeah, well, the past few days make me think otherwise.

While I was living in Louisville, KY I’ve helped set up a few wireless networks for some friends of mine. Some have been 2-4 computers, a VoIP, and an xbox, and others have just been making sure a WAP was set up so that noone else could mooch off of their connection. I’ve even done my own before and never had any problems.

The other day I finally get ahold of a Linksys router, just a regular G since I wasn’t needing anything with amazing speeds or range. I hooked it up as I have in the past, and threw aside the “install” cd because I know it’ll prove useless to me. Well, I try to log into and … nothing. So I think, okay maybe I fucked up something no problem. Yup, same issue again.

And again. and again. and again. I’ve got DSL (ugh) and I remember that I might have to put the modem into bridge mode, but of course, I can’t get into it without the information that was supposedly on some yellow sticker on the modem. Considering my parents have had this modem for a few years now I knew for a fact I would not find such a thing on this piece of shit. So I’m hoping that maybe I don’t have to bridge it, so I just go ahead and try to set it up again.

I try to access the lan IP wirelessly, hardwired, and through ESP. Nothing works at all, so finally out of frustration I just unplug it and give up. Last night I ended up wiring it to my desktop sans a modem, to see if I could configure the router and what do you know I was finally able to go ahead and set it up to PPPOE and get in a username/password.

Now the new problem arises. I’m able to connect to the internet hard wired with my parents laptop, and the wireless network, yeah that part is pretty amazing. Hell, I even went ahead and set up file and print sharing since I was fucking around with it. But now I can’t access the internet at all from my desktop, going wireless. I’m seriously about to shoot my brains out while the router is watching me, because you know, it has feelings too.

My mom joked around about calling the Geek Squad because you know, I love the guys and am pretty obsessed with it. But I’ll be damned if I have them come out to my house, knowing I work in computers at their store, to set this up. But I’m pretty tempted to do it… I just don’t want them knowing where I live *rolls eyes*

Aside from this, new layout and I’m putting off going to get my hair dyed, as well as putting off Best Buy. I don’t know why I have no motivation to go into work there. It’s not that I’m calling off it’s just that I’m not in the system (technicalities due to the fact that I’m a rehire or something) so I’m not on the schedule, which means I can go in when I want to… And the past few days I haven’t. I hope I get out of that funk, because I love working at Best Buy.


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