Wireless Networking Woes.

Eight days ago I wrote about how wireless networking is cake, right? Well, guess what, it took eight days from that post for me to get this fucking networking fixed and running properly. And the best part? I don’t know what the fuck I did to make it work, aside from rebooting the laptop. Go figure.

Last night I was to the point of returning the Linksys WRT54G and getting a switch so I could just run some CAT6 and get over the wireless woes. I mean, I spent hours googling up on my DSL modem, the Speedstream 5100. I was trying to decipher whether this was the A or B model, which made a difference. The A model doesn’t handle PPPOE, and is already in bridge. The B model handles the PPPOE and has to be switched the bridge.

After browsing and cursing at dslreports most of the night I finally came across the perfect FAQ that even included pictures to decipher the models (since the Efficient site was fucking useless.) So I went ahead and took off DHCP from the router and set up PPPOE. I hoped that it would work so I went wireless on the laptop–absofuckinglutely nothing. So I got stressed out and just wanted to give up. Add in the fact my dad was going ballistic downstairs, so I opted to sign off and drive around to get off some steam by listening to Alkaline Trio since that’s all I’ve been playing on my iPod when I’m in the car.

This morning I wake up, wonder around the house aimlessly freezing my ass off, and decide to hop onto the computer. Since we’ve got DSL, there’s a PPPOE login set up on XP to get the internet connectivity going, and like usual I open up Thunderbird before connecting, but this time instead of getting connection warnings, the little shit brings up all my new e-mail. I’ll be damned that this son of a bitch is working. And it took my dad turning off the laptop. Honestly, I hate technology.

And speaking of freezing my ass off, I looked out the window only to be greeted with FUCKING SNOW FLURRIES. I absolutely hate living in the midwest during mid-Fall and winter. DISGUST!

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  1. And the best part? I don’t know what the fuck I did to make it work, aside from rebooting the laptop. Go figure.

    That happens to me all the time.. With everything

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