Work, and other.. stuff.. or not..

The past day or so I managed to stir up some “shit” if you can call it that, which was a huge misunderstanding by the other party. Quite frankly, I also felt the drama-queen vibes rolling off of it to, but I’ll let this individual stand on their high horse and have fun with it.

I just don’t get why this person also felt the need to bring in my hosting company and threatened that s/he could’ve said some “bad stuff” about it. What are you going to complain about, that I answered every one of your tickets you created, or that I even went out of my way to help with issues that didn’t even pertain to my services (wordpress). Rem said that I shouldn’t do the free hosting to certain individuals anymore, and I suppose that’s what I’ll have to do.

The reason I gave them hosting wasn’t to advertise for HF, but rather because I enjoyed them as a person, and I felt that they deserved some hosting space if they either A.) Were having problems with their current host, B.) Needed to just get a new change of scenery.

Other then that, I’m working on a new design for HF right now. I’ve also got some new promotional plans in the working (which will be amazing, that’s for sure, or not, but hey!) I’m really happy that things, yet again, are looking well for HF.


  1. That was a bit childish on her/his part, especially when you’ve been hosting them for free. It’s not like you have to host them for free. You chose to out of kindess, so it’d be nice if they’d show you the same respect, right? And threatening to say bad things about your hosting company really takes the cake. I could understand if you never helped her/him or if their site was down all the time, but that’s not the case. Some people..

  2. Aww, go on and say its me. You’re leaving out more to the picture to your visitors than really went down.

    I’m sorry you now hate me for leaving your company. I said thanks! I just found better hosting else where.

    what I could of complained about was your that erin didn’t have frantisco on her reseller. How it got botched is unknown, and I don’t blame you for anything. I do however hold a bit of bitterness towards you for the things you’ve typed else where on the net, and the feelings of guilt for leaving your company.

    Jordan, hate me all you want, the worst thing I ever did to you was say delete my account. GET OVER IT!

  3. i am offically the typo kind.

    P.S. Thanks again for helping me out with hosting. I won’t forget that you were nice enough to open your heart and give me a spot. That shows that no matter what happens from here on out, I know that you’re a decent person, and that you did care at one point about me, my site, and etc.

    And I still hope in the future you and I can put this in the past, to move on, and maybe even chat it up.

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