Work has become monotonous

I’m so sad. After 175+ days of my server being up with no downtime whatsoever, I had to perform a graceful reboot. Httpd was down, and server load went nuts. I’m quite sad. But that’s okay, I’m in the process of backing up all files on that server, to prepare for a server move. Woohoo!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working for Caribou Coffee but I’m just becoming so bored with the job. I feel like every day is the same. It’s like Groundhog Day only worse–customers that are picky about the low-fat, sugar-free syrup lattes or their soy milk cappuccino that doesn’t get the right amount of froth because soy milk doesn’t froth right…

Part of me wishes that Best Buy had worked out, but it didn’t, so now I’m playing the waiting game. I’ve got a full month until I can re-apply. I won’t be working at the ones within 10 miles of me, because my store had people from the other stores, and I’d rather not endure the drama being circulated.

The only reason why I’m complaining about work is that again, I’m not getting the hours that I had discussed with my new store manager. She was an MIT at my other store, and knew that I wanted at maximum of 40 hours a week, with the minimum being 35-38 hours. I’ve yet to see that, though the other full-timer has gotten 39.50 one week and 40 another. The most I’ve seen has been 32.50 since she asked me. I’m also very upset/annoyed about my payrate versus other shift supervisors. I worked for Caribou back in 04/05, and was a Shift Supervisor then. I also have my Illinois Food Sanitation License, which is a huge plus in this retail area. Yet I found out that someone that’s two years younger with 1/4 of the experience/qualifications that I have is making the same.

So not only will I discuss the hours, I am going to ask for a raise to compensate for my experience and qualifications that I was denied during my rehire. If not, then I am definitely going to look into another job, and leave this one. Obviously I won’t leave this job until I have one under my belt for a few months, but I just need something that pays better and will give me the hours I want.


  1. I know you’ve quit now, but I thought I could kind of realate to this feeling – at my job, it’s so repetitive. I know exactly what customers are going to say before they say it. I know what mistakes they’ll make, what jokes they’ll make, and what they’ll complain about. I can even predict what they’re going to ask me by looking at their expression.

    And sometimes I answer before they ask and they go, “how did you know?!”

    “I’ve seen that look a million times before.”

    Ag. I hate that. I want a job where there’s surprises.

    On the other hand, a real groundhog day situation could be kind of neat, providing that it didn’t last forever. I loved how he mastered ice sculpture and piano and all the rest of it. This would be a good time to gain skills without aging 😛

  2. Currently I work full time for Caribou Coffee as a shift supervisor and various hours for Holdfire Network, my web hosting company. Recently I also worked for Best Buy for well over a year, but have recently ended my employment there for personal reasons.

    Oops, my bad. I read that kind of backwards, I guess.

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