Work related things I rarely mention.

If you’re a regular to my site, you might notice that I’ll talk about work but generally I’ll never mention people I work with or issues that I’m having at work (assuming that I ever have anyway.) Well, there’s a few things with both of my jobs that’s been going on that I haven’t discussed.

My issue with Best Buy is still best kept under wraps, as it could prove to be a serious situation and I’d rather not publicly write about it until my employment is over there or the situation gets resolved (which I don’t foresee that being the case.)

Right now I work at two different Caribou Coffees. At TP, I am a “permanent” full-time employee though I just work there Mon-Tues (and whenever else I’m needed pending no conflicts with other schedules). However to get the FT hours I also work at FF, which means that since TP is giving me 15 hours on average a week, FF needs to give me 20-25 (preferably 25) hours to hit that mark.

When the old store manager, Sally, was there my schedule was usually over abundant and plentiful of hours, and it was a strain on me but I never complained once. Sally left a few weeks ago, and our MIT, we’ll call him MD, has temporarily taken over the store. He did a decent job with the schedule aside from scheduling no mid-shifts so people were working 5-2pm (I’ve done a few of these, it’s rough) and 2-9:30 (this is cake to me.) I was getting a decent amount of hours and then last week I looked at the new schedule for this week and saw that I had 5.5 hours of floor time and 2.5 hours of admin. Admin hours were for the Holiday meeting, so I don’t even get those since I went with some girls from TP instead since they carpooled and I didn’t have to go back myself.

When I saw that I was beyond frustrated and pissed off that someone would give a full-time employee as little hours as that. It didn’t help that the part-time team members (I’m a supervisor) were getting triple the hours of that. So I typed up a letter stating that I need to have 20-25 hours, and that I will not work shifts longer then 7.5 hours, and that I have open availability from Wednesday to Sunday. Seems easy enough to schedule me, right?

Wrong, oh so very wrong. I went in the other day to check out next week’s schedule and I had 5.5 hours again. This time I was infuriated so I called the SOB and pretty much gave him a piece of my mind. I know I got an attitude with him, but how could someone be so incompetent to do this to someone after receiving a letter with instructions of what needed to be done with my schedule?

He had far too many excuses as to why the schedule was the way it was. The worst part yet again was that I am the only employee with so few hours, and again the part time team members (and supervisors) had triple the hours I had. So I gave him more then a piece of my mind. I also complained to him about his lack of common sense to call me in this week, to have me work the hours of a girl that had quit the previous week. Instead he calls the TP store and begs my SM to come over there to help him out because he didn’t have anybody. I swear, if he fucks up one more time I am going to call my district manager and make a huge stink about this.

I was thinking of going into the store today to see if he’s there so I can confront him physically as opposed to over the phone but I have a feeling he left already. I know that saying this online could cause potential problems, but it’s not like what I’m saying are lies. He lacks the attitude, personality, and knowledge to be a store manager. I don’t see him ever doing a great job. For one he is very monotone when he speaks. I dislike that greatly. He also can’t seem to look me in the eyes when talking to me, a sign of weakness and being inferior to another. Not only that but he’s still in training and has yet to really grasp the concept of making drinks, and hasn’t really made a “connection” with the other employees.

I wonder if he knows that he’s just there temporarily and that we already have a new SM coming in for that store. I hope he doesn’t because it’ll make it great when he finds out last minute. Though I know that won’t happen. Robin won’t be coming into the store until December, and then she’ll be giving me 36+ hours for sure, because her and I get along great and I’ve proved myself to her of being a fantastic employee and supervisor. I just hope that he doesn’t try to screw me over on my hours again. I reiterated that I have: bills and rent to pay, health insurance I need to maintain, and that I need to be working. *shakes fist*


  1. That guy sounds really incompetant. I hope the issue is resolved soon. It sounds like he knows he’s temporary and maybe that’s why he hasn’t connected with anyone there yet.

  2. I guess that MIT doesn’t know what full-time means. Most companies full-time employees have to be given a minimum of 32 hours each week. He’s treating you like a part-time employee. What imcompetence! I’ve had that problem with a place I worked and I finally quit…they kept giving me part-time hours when I was supposed to be full time. It sucks. I hope the situation improves for you, at both places.

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