World Of Warcraft: +5HP

Honestly, I swear that any guy that works in Best Buy: PCHO plays WoW outside of work, and while at work, talks about WoW. Like yesterday for example: Mike and I had a customer that was asking about Medal of Honor and then we got into Xbox:Live (Halo2) and then… WoW. And that conversation lasted more then it should’ve, but I only say that because these guys talk about it all the time.

So when I came across, I thought of them and figured I’d go ahead and write it down so I could give it to them. I’m sure they obsess over anything in regards to WoW. Personally, I’m not that into it.. (yet?) But being around all of them talking about it, I’m sure it’ll be a short time until I get redrawn into the world of … haha, warcraft. It happened at my old store, and it’s going to happen here again!

But seems to be pretty full of information, and it’s even got a section for myspace layouts (rofl). Honestly though, the only part that turned me off was the little pop-up to join their newsletter of sorts, but hey, whatever, all I had to do was click “No, Thanks.”

Either way, I have a feeling that come payday on Friday I’ll be buying a new Nvidia card to hop back onto WoW, and probably frequenting that website. /g33k


  1. I can only take so much obsessive Gamer talk before I tell them to stfu, get laid, g33k. I say that with love of course, because I’m obsessed with nerdy boys.

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    It was probably because of a temporary theme preview plugin I was using. The son of a bitch always gives me header errors, but I wanted to make sure this new theme was coded properly before making the switch over 🙂

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    I was forced to go with the Alliance since the guys in my dept were already on an ALLI server. haha. 😛 But I might make a character for Horde this time around.

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