Wow, what just happened?

I have this odd luck with jobs. If I actually show some motiviation and go out to apply for them, I never get a call back. But when I randomly fill out an online UNICRU application at 2-3AM in the morning, I get a call back the next day. This happened with Best Buy and it just now happened with Circuit City.

I’ve got an interview on Saturday at 11AM with the store manager, so hopefully it goes good. I applied for the PC Tech job. I’m kind of confused on how I should be feeling. I admit that I’m a total BB cog, but well, okay what I want to say is just going to have to go on hold, especially if I get this job, because I don’t want to end up dooced.

Gotta go clothes shopping tomorrow though because I have absolutely nothing to wear, unless you consider a pair of capris with a hole in them, and my Best Buy polo to be proper to wear to a Circuit City interview, then I’ll wear it. 😛 But since that’s not, I just need to find a shirt to wear, and some shoes. I’ve got a pair of tan pants (eek, it’s been hot out lately though) so I’m set with that. God I hate shopping for clothes.

I’ll also be going to visit Louisville next week. I think I’m going to be leaving on Tuesday, but I’m not sure what day I’ll be coming back. I still need to work out some of the details, but hopefully all shall be good.


  1. congrats on getting the interview at circuit city. i’ve applied to best buy 2x with no call back. but when i’m just out wandering around minding my business, i get offered a job.

  2. Congrats on the job interview & good luck with it. I’m applying for my first job in September & I am so nervous, lolz.

  3. Wow that’s so great about the interview. It’s funny that great things can happen when you’re not even really trying. I would die laughing if I saw you going to your interview wearing your old BB polo. You’re right; not exactly appropriate (but still really funny). Shopping only really sucks when you don’t fit in to anything you try on. I can’t stand shopping.

  4. I have never gotten a job with Unicru. I have always been praised as a good worker from previous employers, but for some reason unicru does not feel I am worth hiring. On the other hand I have gone into the companies I have applied to and seen the workers that were hired based on Unicru and…jeesh. They didnt know how to count. Were wandering around not working. Didnt know how to say thank you. Why does every company think unicru is a functioning program??

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