XHTML, CSS and Resellers

Well, I’ve been working my butt off for the past week or so. And not in the way you probably think I have been–don’t know whether to think of that as sad or not! The “work” has been for Holdfire Network (currently went from Holdfire Webhosting to Network since I’m adding in a webdesign section). A redesign has been in progress for the past week, and it’s definitely looking good. I’m making sure it’s going to be 100% xhtml 1.0 valid with every page, as well as the css being 100% valid.

It’s proving tedious to make it compliant with all browsers. As I’m sure some of you have dealt with, Internet Explorer can be a bitch, and well, it’s definitely being a bitch right now. But hopefully I can get that knocked out by tomorrow, and only have the graphics left on the site.

Speaking of tomorrow… we might be offering resellers! I’m really excited because well, resellers are fun and I’ve noticed that at most of the message boards that I post at, alot of the people have/want resellers to host their numerous domains or friends/family. Granted, I love my shared hosting plans, but I think this is going to be awesome. Just a few steps closer to having alot more features (dedicated servers!?) and being a true web hosting (and design!) company. I’m loving the progress I’ve made since October of last year.

This is definitely something I love to do, and I’m serious about it. Once we get the ball rolling, I really want to get an office and make this a full-time job. Granted, it’s still quite aways from that, but I plan on sticking to this to get to that point, and surpass it.

So if you’re a regular visitor and you’ve wondered why the css/theme looks like poo, it’s because I started to work on it, then got heavily involved with HFNET. I might use another theme I found the other night, but I have to implement all of my plugins to work with it, and the pages as well. That’ll be fun. -shudders-


  1. WOW! Good luck with resellers. I agree, who doesn’t want one?! Their so popular, and high on demand. So cash in while you can.

    Good luck with validating your new theme for holdfire. I don’t bother with mine. I have no patience for it.

  2. I don’t see any problems with the layout at all. I only use Internet Explorer. Woot for the resellers! And dedicated servers sound absolutely fantastic.

  3. Have fun validating. When you are done you can come over and validate mine. I get the errors but the solution… naa. I think your site looks just fine.

    Good luck on your resellers and all. Good to see someone isn’t all stuck and such.

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