19″ of pure, unadulterated sexyness.

I’m now writing this on my new LG 19″ Widescreen LCD that I got from the best boyfriend ever, Mark. Thanks babe!

I was going to go to sleep, but I wanted to stay up longer to enjoy my new monitor. Goodbye 17″ CRT!


  1. Shit, I missed your birthday.. I feel like such a dickhead now. :S

    Congrats on the new screen – Karl’s got a nice widescreen TFT and it’s quite lovely :9

  2. Nah, you’re hardly a dick head for that; I don’t have a requirement that people remember it, or hell, even know the date! 😉

    But yes, this screen.. is my new baby–aside from Mark. 😛

  3. Hey! Happy belated birthday, it was mine the other day too. 😛 That’s so cool of your bf to get you the monitor. 😛 Btw, how did you get the comments so that when it’s by you it’s a different style/color? It’s super cool, I found a plugin for it a while back but I couldn’t get it to work, lol.

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