Addiction is no joke!

I’ve never been one that’s easily addicted to superficial items like drugs, smoking (when I used to), and alcohol and whatnot. But I will admit that I am somewhat addicted to my boyfriend, because right now he’s gone for the weekend and I feel a bit lost and am cranky beyond belief, and I’m also addicted to Lifesaver’s Wint-O-Green mints.

Yes, I am addicted to Wint-O-Green mints. I bought some the other day, because when you’re working retail if you’ve got bad breath you might as well just go hide out in receiving playing with overstock. Since buying the huge Lifesaver’s bag I think I’ve managed to finish a good 1/3 of the bag already. I don’t know what size it is, it’s not that huge but it’s larger than the bags you pick up at the register as you’re getting ready to check out.

At work I keep a nice quantity of them in my pocket for easy reach, as well as a plethora of them in my purse. I also pop them like a pill popper would pop Valium. Once I suck the life out of one, and then chew on it so I get that burst of tingly flavor, another one goes in my mouth. These things are delish. VERY delish. I’m even sucking on one as I write this, because I started to smell the Wint-O-Green (I have a little mini-bucket of them on my coffee table which is right next to my desk.)

Now if only these would somehow make up for the fact that I had the worst luck this weekend I would be doing a lot better instead of being cranky, miserable, and agitated that I’m going to be alone this weekend. The fact that my house is sans family(!!!) and Mark is gone for the weekend. Seriously, what the fuck kind of shit is that anyway? It’s just my luck that the weekend he decides to leave, I have the house to myself. Actually, I am pretty pissed off about it. So pissed off that I’m going to do absolutely nothing but go to work, come home, mope around the house, sleep, go to work and mope around some more. I’m also awaiting my monthly visit so if you can try to imagine those emotions BEFORE PMS sinks in… Well, let’s just say that the goodnight/xo e-mail I sent didn’t get a reply and that left me seething this morning.

At least I can find comfort in my Wint-O-Green Lifesaver’s.


  1. hey well guess what, your not the only one. i have been eating those mints since feb 2007. and i buy the BIG bags, the ones with 365 mints. i googled them and i think they are actually addicting. and they may be bad for you… and a LOT of people are becomming addicted.

  2. So I have to admit that I am COMPLETELY addicted to the mints also, same flavor. I was actually getting worried that I had to google it to make sure I wasn't the only person. I eat SO many of them, I eat them like a normal person would chips… One after the other. I started to wonder if it's "safe" to eat as many as I do. (due to the acid in them) I got addicted to them when I was pregnant with my third child and I thought maybe it's just a pregnant thing, No it's not… I buy the big bag, The one that's like 7/8 Dollars, and it will only last about… Mmm, Maybe a few days if that. I eat them when I wake up, snack on them during the day…before bed. There was one day we were out and it was pouring down rain and I was complaining to my boyfriend how we needed to go get some, I felt like I was going threw withdraw of a cigarette. Now I don't know if your this addicted, but I am… lol I'm not exactly sure why either. I don't see how any of the ingredients would be addicting…

  3. I am addicted too! Im eating a bag right now…. i can't help it! They r so yummy!

  4. OMG I have been reading these comments and I can relate to everyone except the cashews LOL…I found this site because I am worried about my strange addiction to these Mints..same flavor in the green bag…I started to gain alot of weight pretty fast since my addiction got outf control like shanes has..(shane you couldn’t have said it better) I don’t gain weight easily.

    I decided I was going to stop buying these Mints because they were the only changes made to my diet. Well I have had severe mood changes and feelings of anger and panic since they are no longer in my home. Last night almost a week after quitting Mints I found myself tearing up my house and car and purse looking under furniture and in the couch for just one stray mint. I went to bed in the worst mood because i couldn’t find any. I used to smoke and i had a waaaaaaay easier time quitting smoking than I am these darn Mints.

    Today I was in Walmart and i try to avoid the candy isle all together but my husband ignorantly summoned me down it to show me something and i quickly and sneakily crammed a green bag in my cart and hurriedly opened it and shoved a stupid mint in my mouth so my husband couldn’t put it back on the shelf in his attempt to help me quit. I have experienced severe mood swings, extreme cravings for them, anxiety, and a lil depression while trying to quit eating won’t o green Mints. There has to be something addicting about them for so many people to have this strange addiction and for me to be going through this extreme withdraw..

  5. I too am addicted to these mints, Mandy I have been in the same situation as you. I first became addicted to them while I was pregnant took about a yr to get away from them now 13 years later my fiance unknowingly bought me some wintergreen altoids which made me want canada mints which turned rapidly into this crazy addiction again….I eat them like chips also and it dosen’t help that they cut your tongue but even a sore tongue isn’t enough to deter me …although I wish it was

  6. Oh man, I know this is old. But I am so addicted to these mints too v.v I find that when I eat too many at a time I have bad pains in my stomach. Has this happened to any of you?

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