Adding freelance back into my vocabulary.

I’ve had a difficult time finding a job that suits what I want to be involved with. I no longer like the job I have right now, and the fact that I’m beyond part time is enough to drive me over the edge. Right now I am a possible candidate to freelance for a local web design firm. Essentially that is what got me to thinking that I should really dive back into freelance designing, since it’s something that I obviously enjoy.

Yesterday I spent the better part of my night e-mailing potential clients that were looking for web design services. Eight e-mails were sent out, and so far I had one reply back today. Though I really won’t go into it too much, but the reply I got back just screamed pyramid scheme. This guy wanted to start a click-and-mortar store on Second Life, and then I would go on my own to earn a substantial amount of money. I scoffed and then kindly told him I wasn’t interested, to which he then replied back trying to justify his idea. Eh.

Either way I’m actually working on a portfolio right now. Sad thing is that most of my work I’ve lost over the years from countless random reformats and the fact that I probably threw away my floppy disks that had some of them saved to. I’ve got a few I can salvage right now.

I also have an idea that involves and templates. I’m going to wait until Mark comes over to talk to him more about it, but I think that he’ll like the idea I’ll propose to him. Either way I really want to just get some work done to bring in money, and just have something to do on a daily basis, that I enjoy and won’t drive me absolute bonkers.


  1. I think you’d make a fantastic freelance designer. You know what good design in combination with web standards are, so why wouldn’t they want to hire you? :p

    Have you had any formal classes in it? I know that helps out a lot, but a nice portfolio should win them over if you don’t. Good luck bringing in clients, as well as extra cash 😉

  2. Do my site! Do my site!! LOL

    I think you should do the freelancing. Your site designs are awesome. I know I’m completely jealous. 😀

  3. Most definitely do what your interested in doing. Your to young to be worried and pressured into doing stuff your not interested in.

  4. It’s always tough finding a job that’s just right. A freelance designer sounds like an awesome job. You’d be doing something you love AND getting paid for it. The waiting process is always hard, but it’s best to wait for something good to come along to keep you interested. A portfolio would be a good way to showcase your work. All the best!

  5. I am really picky and particular about stuff like that haha. I’m almost nervous to get out of high school and change my mind about my career 50,000 times lol. Freelance sounds great! Good luck!

  6. Hi,

    This is Adam from I just wanted to echo what other people have said…sort of.

    Working for people makes you an indentured servant to those people.
    Working with people makes you their equal.

    You get more money, and you get more respect, working freelance than you ever will in a job.

    Do it!!!

  7. I transitioned myself (by design) to freelance work about 2 years ago. I love it. I love the freedom. Sure, it has its challenges and it can get scary… (the stability factor… finding your next gig), but I’m enjoying it… the entrepreneurial aspects of selling yourself to the market.

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