And Com Ed said “Let there be electricity!”

Yesterday the Chicagoland area got buttraped with some massive storms. Around 3pm, I noticed that it was getting really dark out so I decided to keep my blinds open (my desk faces a window) to just watch. 2 minutes later the wind picks up out of nowhere and already tree branches are flying everywhere. So I called my sister and told her I was going to pick her up from her bus stop but her friend was already on her way here to drop her off. Shortly after that the tornado sirens went off, so I was talking to this guy Jeff online pretty much saying “oh noez.” So I got up to look out the patio window and it was just a huge clusterfuck of rain falling down. I couldn’t even see 10 feet past the window.

Naturally my mother instinct kicked in so I called my sister and told her to pull over somewhere or a friend’s house that was closer to wait until the storm was over. Turns out that the house they were going to stop at, noone was home so they got to our house fine, except soaked from just running 50 feet to the patio door.

The storm ended up lasting about 15 minutes or so, but damn it did major damage. Our patio chairs were in the lawn, huge branches were scattered across our front lawn, driveway, and street. Since it didn’t seem like power was going to come back on, I went ahead and used the last of the water up (we have filtered well water) to shower. Left my house around 5pm and drove around town; Nearly 75% of it was without power, and trees were down all over. The drive to school wasn’t too bad, since the storm had cleared and sun was trying to shine through.

Got to school about 1.25 hours early, so I headed to the lab to get some work done. Around 6:45pm, the school’s tornado sirens went off, so we all had to go downstairs. It was.. so… boring. But I had plenty of eyecandy to look at though I just ended up watching Family Guy on my iPod. Around 7:30 they let us go back to class. I should have just went home, but I wanted to see what the class was going to be about and who was going to be in there.

Yeah, big fat fucking joke. The class is shit I already know (we talked about lan/wan, tcp/ip, domain names, connection speeds.) I think I won’t be going in to many classes unless there’s a test I have to take there. I was *that* person. You know, the one that answers every question and gets it right. The one who corrects the teacher when he’s wrong, and the one who’s sitting in the back doodling up designs for a website instead of paying attention.

What would’ve been my favorite class, is now my least favorite.

After class got out (9:30pm), the previous storm had already passed, so I called my friend Amy to see what she was up to. Turns out her town was out of power as well, so we made plans to hang out for a bit and just do something until one of us was tired. Ended up just driving around talking about boys as usual! Finalized plans for tomorrow night to go to Kankakee to see her cousin’s band play =). I think we’re going to hang out with him later on too, so I’m sure that’ll be mucho fun.

Power went back on around 8am this morning, unfortunately Comcast (internet/phone/tv) is still down, so I got into the office at 9am. I think I’ll be here for most of the day because I have a website to finish for my client. *goes back to work*


  1. Oh my god, that’s scary. The worst we’ve had this summer was thunderstorms and downpours, but nothing on scales like yours! I totally blame climate change *sigh*

  2. Like Crystal, I blame everything on the climate changes. The weather in California has been odd as well. Random bouts of rain and almost half a month of overcast weather. This has been one cold summer…

    It’s nice nice to know that you’re actually nice to your sister. If I was trapped out in a storm, my brother wouldn’t care about me. I also know this for a fact, because once, he took me snowboarding in blizzard-like conditions and when I got lost, he didn’t come find me. He was busy flirting with girls in the lodge and sipping his hot cocoa.

    We only use Comcast for our internet. My parents have this paranoia that they shouldn’t buy the full package from Comcast; even I don’t know the reason why.

  3. It’s been storming everywhere. There was a big storm out here last night and my cable kept going in and out. I hate that because I was in the middle of playing spades and it screwed up my game 🙁

  4. crazy weather, we had a crazy storm this morning i was on my way to work and i got stuck in it! sadly i was wearing white capris, and a car drove by and i got mud all over and i was on my way to work :S totally sucked.

  5. See how why can’t we ever get chaos like that here in Jersey. It must have been interesting though. Come to think of it, I don’t think our town has a tornado warning system…

  6. The storm that you are talking about hit my area first (Around Dekalb/Sycamore IL) and it was awful. Not only did we also have a tornado warning but we had massive flooding so much so that roads, businesses, and the UNIVERSITY was cancelled the next day. The river level is still really high. I hope we don’t get anymore rain or get another storm like that. Tornadoes scare the bajeezus out of me!

  7. Wow – you guys over there have far worse storms than we do over here in the UK.

    The worst that we normally get is a bit of flooding and the wind throwing the patio furniture around a bit.

    .. but then we don’t all that much sun, either 🙁


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