Apparently Dreamweaver is a time-saving software.

I normally don’t like to lurk too much on Livejournal. I’ll start off with two tabs open, and not even 30 minutes later I’ve got 10+ tabs open for different communities, posts, and comment threads. Since I was pretty bored, I decided to venture into my friend’s filter, Webdev. One of the entries I ended up coming across on the first page was made to the community webdesign.

The poster, cyclotron, had asked how he could add to <body> element, without making the content between <body></body> uneditable in Dreamweaver. The question is paraphrased as I can no longer access the original entry. I skimmed through some of the comments and essentially most of the replies were asking/making fun of him for using Dreamweaver.

I decided to go ahead and give some advice–albeit it wasn’t in relation to Dreamweaver, but seeing as I’ve got experience with this, I figured it could do him some good. I told him that instead of taking the extra time to ruin an otherwise gorgeous design, to go charge the client a predetermined amount of support hours that can be used to make changes to the coding. This way the client doesn’t have to work with material he’s unaware of, and so he wouldn’t have to turn the designs into absolute crap.

Apparently this advice just pisses this guy off.

Thank you for your input. But I didn’t mention anywhere that I want an alternate solution to using DW templates, I want a solution using
Dreamweaver’s template functions. I am not asking for an apraisal of Dreamweaver’s value or usefulness to web development. Nor do I am I asking for business advice. I am asking specifically for Dreamweaver advice. I do appreciate your input but I am baffled why so many people are trying to convince me to do things their way and completely avoid the question I asked. Adobe Contribute depends on DW templates. A web maintenance contract is not the situation here.

So of course I tell him that this is the internet; You can’t whine about people giving you advice that doesn’t pertain to the subject. If you can’t accept that it’s inevitable, then don’t post it. He’s obviously steaming over the original comment that, ZOMG doesn’t have any relation to DREAMwEaVerZ!!!, so his next response is even more bitter.

Whine? You say I am whine because you offer advice that conmtains “I honestly can’t help you with your problem, as I’ve never used DW ever in my life…” So why even both replying? You advice DOESNT APPLY. Sheeesh, you people come in with anything BUT useful comments and you say I am whining!? I bent over backward to be polite to. Thanks for the returned favor.

Apparently giving him advice on how to avoid having to “Dreamweaverize” his work for his “fool” of a client has no correlation whatsoever. Well, I’ll be damned. And here *I* was the one being polite to him, despite the fact that he bitched and moaned to everyone else that gave him advice, albeit not the solution, but advice nonetheless.

I went to go to the entry to reply, only to see that he had deleted it. Well, well, looks like someone wasn’t able to handle the hotness that is teh internets. So, I decided it was time to troll a little bit, and head on over to his personal journal. I wanted to get a glimpse into this person who is to adamant upon Dreamweaver’s godliness. Boy, was I in for a real shocker! First of all his website, •Buy A Pixel, Build A House• is hosted on Geocities. I hadn’t even clicked on the link, so I had no doubt that I would be in for a real shocker. Indeedly doo! He’s begging on the internet for complete strangers to donate to him so he can buy a house. I guess his Dreamweaver coding isn’t too hot?

The best was finding that he wrote about the entry he created over at the community.

I swear.. I asked in a comm for some technical help using Dreamweaver and the only people who are replying are those stupid elite fucks who say real web developers don’t use time saving software and their features that prevent the client from fucking it up later.

One guy who replied doesn’t even know how to use DW so I replied “You don’t even know how to use the application!?” To which a third party replied “DW isn’t vital to the internet.” True, but knowledge of DW is vital for giving replies to my question. Dumbasses.

…And then one lowlife comes over here to my personal journal and reads my post from last night about a song and vibrating gonads and comments over back in the comm about. Then continues to rant about how elitist web developers don’t need Dreamweaver.
Cyclotron @ Livejournal (Copy is saved to server; Po’ Baby deleted the original entries. Sob!)

Now I can finally relax! My design woes are solved. I can use Dreamweaver to speed up the amount of time it takes to get a design pumped out. I’ll just have to sacrifice semantics, accessibility, and hell, a decent design.

But what, the juicyness doesn’t stop right there! He made a post today too!

No wonder our country is messed up. No one ever addresses the actual problem. …I just got advice for that Dreamweaver thing again. Instead of making something with Dreamweaver work, the latest advice is to sell someone web maintenance hours!? How does that even address or fix an issue of getting software to do what your want it to do???
Cyclotron @ Livejournal (Copy is saved to server; Po’ Baby deleted the original entries. Sob!)

I Dont fucking care what you have to say. You cant help me. You proved that you are some rude and arrogant fuck who would rather charge clients more money than do the job properly – and give people complete BS for advice.

Why did you bother to go out of your way to be mean and rude to me!? And then you invade m y personal journal to continue to attack me? How
fucking small are you!? Idid I mention your name here? No one knew it was you.
Cyclotron @ Livejournal [Deleted Comment] (Copy is saved to server; Po’ Baby deleted the original entries. Sob!)

Needless to say, this proved for quite entertaining. I have no doubts that he actually uses Dreamweaver on a regular basis, and only used that excuse to compensate for his lack of actual skills.


  1. Buy A Pixel, Build A House? He’s got to be kidding. I knew someone would try and copy that original MillionDollarHomepage eventually…

    I was going to say you wasted your time trying to help him; but hey… free entertainment, right?

  2. You are right about LiveJournal. I haven’t really been there in ages. I keep up with my friends on there every few days, but I don’t post to it anymore. Why? Drama drama drama. (Oh and all of the kiddies that are like omgwtfrtfmbbq)

  3. If you can’t make changes / write markup without dreamweaver, then you’re not typing quick enough!

    Does dreamweaver actually save time? Because my current layout’s HTML and CSS was written in just under 45 minutes (less miniscule tweaking time such as colour-changing) – am I to believe DW could have that down to under half an hour?

  4. You can save your frustrations, Rachael. You can use a Dreamweaver template and perhaps downsize your work time to maybe 10 minutes at max!

    The wonders!

  5. As much of an arse that this guy is being I can understand his frustration. I mean you ask for help on one thing and everyone offers advice on anything but that. Yes, that can be very frustrating. Of course, if everyone is saying the program that you are utilizing isn’t worth beans and are suggesting alternatives the smart thing to do would be to at listen to their arguments before pitching a hissy fit. And if you don’t agree, smile, nod your head, say ‘thank you for your assistance’, and move on.

  6. I get so frustrated when people have spasms in places like Livejournal when things are going their way. Its kind of counter productive especially if they’re freaking out on the people who they expect to get help from… : [
    In any case, dreamweaver is horrible…

  7. Money raised so far: $50.00

    Poor guy, he has a long way to go to buy a house!

    I don’t see why using Dreamweaver would somehow make you better. Maybe I’m not good enough with it, but I always felt that it caused restrictions and slow-downs.

  8. Haha that’s hilarious. I remember using geocities…and dreamweaver…all for a design class I took in college using the stuff I already knew. Nothing like going back to newbie. xD

  9. He raised 50 bucks. That means like 50 people got suckered into buying a pixel that could probably be made free by other, more talented people out there in the world. Wow. That’s more than I’ve ever done, then again. . . I have a conscience.

  10. Sometimes I think once you pay for (or crack) programs such as Dreamweaver the internet sucks out at least half, if not more, of your brain.

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