Atourworst – Not so ugly anymore

Well, I finally finished the new theme for It’s not a design that I created, but rather I ported it from‘s design: Refresh. As you can see I kept a lot of the elements the same, as I really liked the overall design. I changed around a few things, like the icons (from and obviously it has support for WordPress [2.x].

Some of the plugins it currently supports: Brian’s Latest Comments, Dunstan Style Error Page, My, Now Reading, Simple Tagging, SRG Clean Archives, Vipers Plugins Used, Word Count, and WP-Postviews.

The following are aesthetic elements that the theme supports: CSS Speech Bubbles, CSS Drop Shadows, and Lightbox JS.

There are obviously other plugins I use here at this site, but those aren’t ones that need to be integrated in order to perform. There might be some quirks throughout the site, so please bare with me while I try to sort them out. I’m also [finally] going to update some of the pages, as they haven’t been formatted to fit with this layout or new stylesheets that have been added. Also, the only bug that I know of thus far, is when viewing a child page (subpage) the subpage listing disappears. I’m working on getting it to stay visible, so you’ll have to love the back button for now.

One of my favorite new features (from a plugin) has been the Dunstan Style Error Page which sets up a 404 page with proper information to help out a visitor if they’ve accessed a page from my domain, that is no longer set up. Try it out for yourself.


  1. I very much like this theme. Makes me think about spring. Good to know you didn’t have too much troubles with the plugins! I personally love the simple tagging plugin.

  2. Lovely! 😀 I’ve always liked this theme. Cool that you tweaked it to make it your own! Very sleek and bloggish. 🙂 I love how it’s so clean and easy to browse through.

    Oh, cool speech bubbles I’ll have to check that out! And I love that error page plugin too! It really does make it a lot easier to manage errors and missing pages.

    Have a good Monday! ^_^

  3. Wow, these Speech Bubbles are pretty neat, I might just use them. Thanks for the link!

    I like the theme a lot, it’s very soothing!

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