Cake Mania on the DS Lite

I’m not a picky person when it comes to most things in life, but when you add video games into the mix, I will not play a game if I am not 100% entertained, and pleased. I’ve always enjoyed FPS games, baseball games (namely MLB 2K5 on the PS2), and most games for the Xbox (especially Halo 2, CS, Dead Or Alive series, Gears of War, et al). With the Nintendo DS I was apprehensive of the games that would be available.

In 2005 when the unit first came out, I remember fiddling around with it at Gamestop out in Louisville, Kentucky. It was intuitive, but it felt weird. I wish I could remember what demo game was in it, but it just felt really lame and boring. Fast forward two years later, and on New Year’s Eve of 2006, Mark was playing with his friends Nintendo DS and I just grabbed one of the others that were laying around and we played a couple of games against each other.

cake mania #2Ever since buying Mark’s DS, I’ve been dying to get my grubby hands on one. I’ve played most of the games he has for it, but the one game that I am honest to god addicted to, is Cake Mania. Of all the games to get addicted to, it just had to be the crappy ported game. Mark mentioned that Cake Mania (and another one he has, Diner Dash) are on the HP computers he sells at work (HP has this sort of game portal that’s with the system, and includes free trials of games, and the ability to buy more through them.)

cake mania #2 The past few days I’ve gone over to his place, I’ve played this game. I am shamefully, yet proudly addicted. I’ve gone through two years of baking, and am now on my third bake shop. I’ve bought three ovens, two of which have been upgraded to pop out cakes in 4 seconds. I have three frosting machines, two of which frost in under 5 seconds. My shoes are these super elite ones that enable me to run around like I’m walking on fire. I have a ridiculous tv and cupcake oven to keep my customers from getting too cranky while waiting for their cakes. Then I’ve got two awesome cake toppers, of which both have three different items to use.

Because I have this ridiculous urge to play right now, and I ended up finding a torrent to get the full game.

Must. Bake.


  1. Play Diner Dash! Diner Dash pwns Cake Mania many times over, although I still liked the first Cake Mania (haven’t gotten around to playing the new one).

    I’m reviewing Hidden Expedition: Everest, it’s fairly decent and a good time waster if you’re into hidden object games. If you are then play the MCF series, they’re the best of the hidden object games.

  2. I haven’t played Cake Mania, probably because it’s something my brother wouldn’t be interested in and therefore wouldn’t get for his DS 😉
    But if you’re looking for new DS games, check out Trauma Center! It’s a very cool game where you have to operate people, remove tumors or stuff like that. Sounds gross, but it’s actually kinda fun (though it gets really challenging at some point).
    Also always great fun is Mario Kart.
    And with ScummVM you can actually play classics like old Monkey Island or Indiana Jones on your DS! Haven’t tested it yet, but those games rock either way! 🙂

  3. Adastra, I already talked about games my boyfriend has for the DS. =)

    He bought an M3 Adapter, so if there’s a port for the DS, he’ll download it if either of us wants to play it.

    But thanks for the suggestions either way.

  4. I bought Cake Mania the day it came out. I also love it! At first, it was really hard. I kept losing customers. Now I’ve got my “routine” figured out, and love it! I have all 8 cake toppers, and it’s so funny when Santa Claus wants a cake with a snail on top. 😀

  5. I think me and Cake Mania were meant to be because I caught onto the game pretty quickly! Though I started to have some mishaps with the 2nd year, when picky reviewers came in and demanded the most ridiculous looking cakes ever. I mean really, who orders a chocolate circle cake on top of a purple triangle cake with a grandma topper 😛

  6. I’ll take a Phoenix Wright game any day. No one expects lawyering to be so much fun! I also want to pick up Elite Beat Agents. I played the demo in the store, and it was so much fun!

  7. Aaah, no! What is it with Elite Beat Agents that looks fun?! Mark likes that game a lot and I watched him play it but it looks so ridiculously cheesy and horrible! Maybe it’s a guy thing 😛


  8. I’ve played Cake Mania on the computer, very fun! But I found Diner Dash more amusing, probably because I have been a server in a restaurant for almost 4 years now and I kick ass at that game haha. I didn’t even know Cake Mania was out for the DS! I’ll have to check it out, I’ve been wanting new games for my ds 🙂

  9. Yes! I am obsessed with my DS Lite. It is awesome. I’ve heard eh things about Cake Mania, but I totally understand getting addicted to handheld games…. Story of my life. 🙂

  10. Cake Mania isn’t a game that was specifically made for the DS; It’s simply just a ported game from Windows. It’s very basic, the graphics aren’t spectacular. Have you ever played Lemonade Stand before? It’s basically just a variation of a very simple game, so it’s not like it’s going to be some amazing game that was made especially for the DS or anything like that.

  11. hi…can someone help me find cake mania 2 for nintendo ds lite or gameboy advance…please and thankyou!!! its addictive!!!

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