Cheers for the red knight.

This is going to be a short and simple update: Everyone, at one point in their lives, should go to see Medieval Times. I had a lot of fun; It’s even better if you bring the loudest friends you have possible, because maybe, just maybe your knight will bask in the limelight and show off a little 🙂 Or hell, throw you a rose which you end up missing! So with that said, I went last night and had such a great time. I want to go again.

Sticking to the short and simple, take a visit to Small Potato (his nickname, isn’t that something?) is working on a goal of one theme a day for 31 (and counting) days. So far he’s completed four themes. His themes thus far are titled: Peacful Rush, Vengeance, Dream On, and Exhausted. View all of his themes and leave him some much needed comments, critiques and chant him on so he has the motivation to go through with his self-challenge.