Copious amounts of sun with no suntan lotion, sucks.

This weekend’s weather has been amazing! I love bright, warm, and sunny weather. Yesterday was pretty brutal for the soul fact that I had been outside from 11:30 until about 4:00pm with absolutely no suntan lotion. My parents are getting a pool in about a week, and in order to prepare for it we had to dig up some of the lawn in order to even it out for the pool, so I had to help out with the dirt.

Had to move some of that dirt to the front of the yard (and our driveway is about 225 feet, not including the extra 75 feet from where we were digging) to fill up a ditch that is constant cesspool (well, not really) so that the water logged area can be somewhat diminished. My sister rode the mower with the cart of dirt up since it would’ve been impossible to do with wheelbarrows. I think I walked up and down the driveway a good 300 or so times. It was boring, and torturous in regards to being so repetitive. I also helped with adding dirt to a line of Evergreen trees on the side of our property and the backend.

So, hours under the sun with no lotion, plus mud caked on my arms, hands, and legs left me pretty weary. I admit that as boring as it was, I didn’t mind being outside. I got a nice unhealthy burn, some exercise and felt pretty good about doing some dirty work.

However, I did not like the fact that I came across grub worms, worms, a rabbit’s skin with only three feet attached and god knows how many other atrocious bugs that I didn’t want to think about when I saw them.

A long cool shower ensued, and then I was finally able to head on over to Mark’s house. We went out and saw Hot Fuzz though I was so exhausted and antsy during the movie, that I kind of wished we had stayed in and watched a movie comfortably while cuddling. At least I got to see my cutie pie, as well as the movie being enjoyable!

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  1. On Sunday I went on a spontaneous bicycle trip with a few coworkers, and I completely forgot to use sun lotion too. So on Sunday night I had a big sunburn on my nose, my cheeks and my arms… But the weather was amazing. We spent a lot of time just hanging out on the small beach by the river…

    Digging in the mud can be icky though. A year or so ago I did that at my parents house and there were so many tiny animals and bugs in that mud… lots of salamanders, funnily…

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