Cupcakes, frosting, and a new theme.

Well, after having the problems with the Fauna theme, I needed to get something new up and running and quick. The base of this theme is from Squible, but I’m coming across an issue. When someone adds a new comment, for some reason I lose the tags for that entry. I’m trying to figure out if it has anything to do with the ajax commenting system set up. So I’ll have to either remove it (since I don’t really need it) or find out if something else is causing the problems. Other then that I’ve also customized it to my liking, though there’s still a few more things I need to add to the bottom panels then I’m done.

Right now I’m trying to find a frosting recipe for cupcakes I’m making right now. Mark is on his way over, since I want to see him, and because I didn’t invite him over last night when I made dinner. I also need to rummage through the fridge to try to find something to cook, since we’re running down to bits and pieces of food. Mark’s super picky, so this will be interesting. Well, off to shower and take more aspirin. I’ve had the worst shoulder pain all day today, and it’s getting even worse.


  1. I love the cupcake! It’s adorable! I like the theme a lot, but the text at the bottom of the individual pages (the stuff under Tags, Conversation, Related Tags, etc.) is uber tiny! A picture, if it works, follows.

  2. A frosting recipe? I never cook, so I didn’t know that frosting has it’s own recipe… But, I hope you successfully find one, and I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

  3. Ranjani, thanks for letting me know about that. The single page area is one of the few things I have yet to customize to my own liking yet, so thanks for remdining me!

    Sai, everything and anything has it’s own recipe! =) I haven’t found one that’s working yet, but Mark surprised me by bringing a missing ‘herb’ called “Cream of Tartar.” I’ll be able to try out more “professional” recipes now that I have this. And thanks.

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