Deep dish spinach pizza

Mark and I went crazy on making pizza this weekend. Last night we ended up making a BBQ beef pizza. We made the dough (using the breadmachine and the recipe for it), used KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese and deli-style beef. I also made breadsticks from the remaining dough from the first batch.

After I made the pizza, Mark went ahead and made more pizza dough. We thought we were going to make another pizza last night, but ended up realizing that we would’ve been stuffed regardless. So we saved it for today. Ended up making spinach and pepperoni deep dish. Used fresh baby leaf spinach, pepperonis, homemade pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and the dough from the other night. It was absolutely amazing.

For the past week, I’ve made a homemade dinner. Tonight is going to be the first night, though technically I did make lunch. Phew, all this cooking and I’m kind of worn out. Though I really need to find a frosting recipe that actually works. I’ve already tried three recipes and all have failed. They come out too runny or just not mixed well enough.

I need to get something done by Tuesday, because I want to have it for Valentine’s Day. I have a feeling Valentine’s Day is going to end up being just like any other night, as opposed to doing something really nice/cute/romantic. Oh well.


  1. Oh yum. Your food sounds delicious and you’ve made me hungry now.

    And I loved your Caribou Coffee comment, by the way. Totally made my day and I’m so ordering what you suggested the next time I go there (which, knowing me, will probably be tomorrow). THANK YOU.

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