Dentist of Death

I still have the massive pain on the right side of my mouth. I’ve been popping aspirin and extra strength Tylenol like it’s nobodies business. My mom finally got in contact with my old dentist, and scheduled me an appointment for tomorrow at 2:30pm. I’m not looking forward to it because she mentioned that included in the appointment is teeth cleaning.

Let me tell you how that is the one thing I never looked forward to. Actually, the only part I hate with such passion is the flossing. I do not like flossing my own teeth, let along someone else flossing my teeth. Thinking about it right now, I am already cringing in pain. The last time I was there I received an ear full about how I really need to floss. The dentist then proceeded to pound floss between each tooth as if though she was sawing away for the Lumberjack contest. I probably could’ve donated that blood to a hospital instead of letting it drool down onto the napkin on my chest, or into the spit bowl.

Aside from the god awful cleaning, I’ll be getting a x-rays of my mouth done, to see what the issue is. Since they don’t do any oral surgery there, it’ll just be a referral if it comes down to it. I’m also getting a 20% discount for the services since I don’t have any insurance. The xrays will be $34 and the cleaning is going to be $75. So you do the math on that one! I seriously am scared to find out exactly what’s wrong with the tooth, for the soul fact that I know surgery will not be cheap.

I refuse to be awake during any procedure. Knock me the fuck out so I don’t have to hear you sanding away my teeth, or hammering an ice pick into it.


  1. I hate the dentist, but I need to go so bad. I’m getting holes in my teeth because I am a junk food junkie and I haven’t been to the dentist in years (can’t afford it) to get the cavities filled so they are eating away at my teeth. 🙁

  2. Dentists suck, I have a absolute fear of them. (this is going back since I was 5) The first family dentist I went to didn’t really like kids, so they were all like, she has a cavity! So they were like, waving the drill in front of my face and stuff. A few years later, we started seeing someone else, and I still have that fear, so now that I have my own insurance…I don’t go. My teeth don’t hurt or anything, so why go? x3

    If I had to get any kind of surgery though, I’d opt for the knocking out instead of novacaine, I HATE novacaine, when I got my first cavity filled at 16 (we told our new dentist what happened to me in the past, and he was like, she has no cavities!) I was chewing at my cheek without realizing it because my face was so numb!

  3. I’ve heard this story too many times from various friends and the ending result is always “Ma’am, your wisdom teeth are growing in and we have to extract all 4 of them.” Mind you, you’re probably only having a problem with ONE but because dentist feels they serve no purpose but agony later on in life, “might as well” extract them all. They say the older you get, the worse they hurt/the longer it takes to heal.

    I’m 28 and all of my wisdom teeth are in and I haven’t received any problems yet (God forbid).

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