Didja miss me, huh huh huh?

Sorry I didn’t post about the maintenance that I was going to be doing on the server. Remember how I wanted to go ahead and install Ruby on Rails? Well, I went ahead and added it to my server, though I didn’t want things to be ruined while it was online, so I denied most http access to websites for about 24 hours. This is partially because I did some other configs and upgrades here and there, and fell asleep on it last night before I had a chance to turn it back on. Whoops!

We’ve gotten so much snow is quite disgusting. It was a bit of a blizzard yesterday, and because of all the ferocious winds we have 2 foot snow banks throughout the driveway (especially behind my car, thanks!) I’ll take pictures of it later on, and of the yummy things I’m making right now.

Oh yeah, why haven’t I listened to Regina Spektor until now? I love her voice.

Happy Valentine’s Day


  1. Oh, I love Regina Spektor. Awesome artist.

    I wanted to install Ruby on Rails too, but that’s just because I have to learn RoR and Ruby (work-related).

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