Do we really need more snow?

Around 9am this morning I woke up to see large and thick snowflakes falling, on top of what looked like at least 2″ of snow that had already accumulated. It was kind of disheartening because I wanted to leave early to go to the Pontiac dealership to fill out the application and whatever else needed to be done.

So I waited around for a few hours hoping that by then the snow would’ve been decently plowed and a bit “safer” to drive. Well, I was pretty wrong. I left here around 1:45pm, and it took me about 4 minutes to drive three blocks to the main road. The problem was that my street had not been plowed AT ALL.

It took me another 40 minutes to get to another intersection, which usually takes me about 15 minutes. The streets were ridiculous to the point where I didn’t feel like driving all the way out to Oak Lawn, and NOT get the job. It didn’t get any better until I was about 5-10 miles south of their building.

I’m not really sure how it well, though I do feel confident enough in it. I just was a bit nervous (as I usually get during an interview of sorts) and had a tendency to ramble on about stuff that was irrelevant and unnecessary. Though one of the questions he asked was if I knew anything about designing websites, and if I had any websites of my own.

I swear I felt my eyes glisten and glitter after he asked that, and I then proceeded to go ahead and give him and I had a few other sites I should have mentioned but my mind drew a blank after I gave him those two. Hopefully I can get this job–It’s something more geared towards what I want my career to consist of. It would also be perfect experience for me too.

Time to get some aspirin. All the driving gave me a major headache.

EDIT: If you want to see a video from NBC 5 new’s in regards to today’s weather, then you can view the Tuesday evening video on demand. =)