Do you have any idea what a bump key is?

I know I didn’t until I had read an op about it online, and decided to go ahead and watch the video for it. I knew that such keys existed for cars, as I remember someone telling me this about a year ago. He had mentioned that you can actually go on ebay, and buy a “universal” key that would work with any car. Reason is that the shape of it doesn’t contain any of the edges that are usually unique to keylocks. I think this was brought up because the mechanic had a set of keys like this, and had used one on his car since he didn’t leave the mechanic his personal set of keys.

So it never really occurred to me that you can obtain these for houses. So anyway, I was watching the video for it over at Brickhouse Security and it’s honestly weird to think that if I wanted to get into any house I wanted, whether it be as a “hobby” (you’ll get that if you watch the video) or to break into the house. Hell, what’s to stop someone at houses? Why not a store?

Anyway, right now my house currently uses a keypad for our front door. I’ve been using one since I was about nine years old because I would constantly leave my house keys at school, or at home which obviously would be a problem for when I got home. After my parents moved out of their old house about a year ago, they still decided to keep it and even took it out of the old door, and replaced it with the standard deadbolt (the mechanism works with the deadbolt to unlock the door as opposed to a doorknob. We have the doorknob glued so that it doesn’t get locked on accident, which would screw us over.) So almost 11 years later and I still don’t rely on a house key. I had a key for our patio since I moved back home, but I ended up losing it along with my Aqua Teen Hunger Force lanyard (which I had for almost 4 years!) and now I resort to using the deadbolt.

biometric keypad But hello, I’d rather spend $200 and get a Biometric Door lock or a “Bump Proof Lock“, because it’s all about feeling super high-tech. Another reason why I bought a fingerprint reader from Microsoft for passwords.. Because I feel like James Bond. But on a more serious note, I’m definitely going to see what my friend Amy thinks about this. I know her house has been broken into a few times years back, and this might help out somewhat, though honestly in her case, it was more so their windows being broken as you can easily get into them since the house is just one story.

Even though this is a sponsored post, feel free to share your thoughts on it, I’m honestly interested to see what other people have to say.


  1. I saw stuff about bump key locks on the news….kinda freaky. =/ And I’ve heard about the fingerprint reader for passwords thing! Interesting…

  2. Sorry I’m off topic here, just wanted you to know that when I read your entries on Bloglines I see an error: Warning: Division by zero in /home/riane/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tla_95973.php on line 407

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