Empty houses are no fun.

I had the house to myself this weekend and I figured it would’ve been nice to have some peace and quiet. Yeah, that wasn’t really the outcome. Yesterday after work I stopped at Target and picked up a few snacks (chips and veggie dip) and some cherry coke.

I tried to do some work on a website of mine but I wasn’t able to concentrate so I tried to watch some movies. Watched the last bit of Lord of the Rings, and then put in ABC Family so I wouldn’t forget about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that was going to come on at 7pm. I was able to watch about an hour of it, but then got antsy sitting on the couch.

I looked like a child with ADHD last night because I just couldn’t sit still nor focus on anything for more than thirty minutes. Though I somehow managed to stay up until 1am, which as of late, is fairly late. Especially considering that on Friday I went to sleep at 10pm like an old lady.

All I know is that I don’t want to spend 5.5 hours at work bored out of my mind. All I want to do right now is see Mark, and just be around him because I’ve gone crazy this weekend. Yesterday is the first day I’ve gone without talking to him since we first started talking. I’m not used to that. Didn’t know how to cope.

Well, might as well just get ready for work instead of wasting time on the computer.


  1. I had the whole house to myself once, when my parents and brother went overseas for about 10days. It was fun. I had friends over and stuff like that. Haha.

    I haven’t watched The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yet. I can’t wait to get the DVD o.O

  2. I hate being antsy when I’m home alone. No one can distract you from your add and then you’re stuck being restless and bored.
    I’m on a 5 hour work shift right now, actually, and I can’t wait to go home. I hope you get to see Mark soon.

  3. I get like that, too, when I have too much free time. It’s like I have all kinds of possibilities, so I can’t sit still and do just one of them.

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